Rape Culture in The Netherlands: "I Was Prevented from Reporting the Violations Against Me"

There are still men out there willing to deny that women are brutally raped at the hands of a misogynists, ruthless culture that values males over females. As time passes, however, it becomes undeniable that rape culture has permeated every strata of European culture, corrupting all elements of government. 
To understand how serious the cover-up of rape here in the Netherland is, we first have to realize that even males reporting mundane crimes are prevented from filing the assaults against them. 

I don't feel like a human being in this country, I don't understand why I couldn't report that I was savagely raped by my cousin.

I went to the police station to tell them that I was bleeding, but they started asking me many questions. 

They asked me if I had a house, and if I knew the address of my cousin. I tried to explain to them that I did not have a house, that I was a refugee waiting to move north, but they did not seem to understand. 

The policewoman told me that without an address I could not file a police report or ask that my cousin stay away from me so that I could not be raped again.

I'm simply afraid now, the government won't protect me because I'm homeless and my cousin will kill me because I think he knows I went to talk to the police. 

I can't believe I was stupid enough to think that the police would protect me... they only seem to care that you have a place to sleep.