Open Conspiracy: Youtube is Throttling Viewcounts

It's on days like today when I wish I wasn't a conspiracy theorist, because I would then have otherwise attributed Youtube's criminal deeds to a simple technical glitch. 

But the fact is that there's no technical glitch: someone at Youtube doesn't like Abreu Report.

A video which we uploaded many months ago today has zero views, and it just so happens to be the video in which we defend Dominican immigration policy. See, the Netherlands gave me a deportation order to Spain, but my mom is Dutch. Europe regularly issues deportation orders to people who were born here and whose parents are citizens, and this is something that the Dominican Republic also wants to do.

Whether you consider that to be immoral or not is, quite frankly, irrelevant; what matters here is that our pro-Dutch-immigration-law opinions are being censored because the government is afraid of us: they think we're openly promoting ethnic cleansing, but this is not the case.

The Dominican government is not currently deporting the children of its citizens when they are suspected of a crime, yet this is something which I now demand from the Dominican President. My goal in life is to turn the Dominican Republic into a safe, developed country, one where no one feels the need to emigrate to Europe in search of a better life. 

To that end, I have vowed to strip even my own mother of citizenship, since she is a Dutch citizen who has sworn an oath of allegiance to the King of the Netherlands. People of Haitian descent are, as per the Haitian Constitution, citizens of that island nation.

I will take my mother's Dominican citizenship first, and then I will extend that courtesy to every single Haitian dual-national. There is, in my humble opinion, no space for two different passports in the Dominican Republic.

The viewcounts on our videos not in defense of Dominican immigration policy have not been reset, meaning that Youtube has a serious problem with us defending the mass deportation of criminals of Haitian descent.

But throttling us won't stop the inevitable: the Dominican Republic will become an independent nation, one in which dual citizens loyal to foreign powers are not actively selling out our sovereignty.

I'm a US citizen, meaning that I will have to give up my US passport. This isn't about racism or xenophobia, this is about the creation of a nation, and the restoration of sovereignty to a people subjugated by foreign powers. There will be no more dual citizenship in the Dominican Republic once I'm through with the country.