Hand of French Intelligence Seen in EgyptAir Crash; Possible Retaliation for Extradition of Drug Trafficker Connected to Parliamentarian

Back in March of this year, we wrote that "a fire burned parts of the headquarters of DGSE, France's intelligence agency" and that reports indicated "that it was a toxic fire and that it raged wildly overnight." 

According to the French weekly Le Point, the fire was immediately classified as a "state secret" and that it was impossible to say whether it was intentional or an accident. A source informed Abreu Report that DGSE has been intimately involved in the trafficking of cocaine from Latin America to Europe, something tacitly supported by French Members of Parliament.
Egypt handed over the wrong man. Diario Libre

The very same night that a fire raged at DGSE headquarters, the Egyptian government handed over Christophe Naudin for extradition to Dominican authorities. 

Mr. Naudin, a former commando who helped the two French pilots at the center of the conspiracy escape from a 20-year prison sentence in the Dominican Republic, was sitting on a flight to Santo Domingo as the flames engulfed any evidence which would have conclusively linked MP Aymeric Chauprade and other members of the FNL in one of the largest drug trafficking schemes implicating an intelligence agency since Iran-Contra.

Pascal Jean Fauret and Bruno Odos, the two pilots captured with hundreds of kilos of cocaine by Dominican authorities, were set free just weeks ago by French authorities, and since the French government makes extraditions an extremely difficult ordeal, it is unlikely that they will ever face questioning as to whom would have been the ultimate recipient of the drugs.

And now it seems that Dominican diplomats used sleight of hand and instilled in Egyptian authorities a sense of urgency which compelled them to hand over Mr. Naudin, but it seems that the Egyptians were not fully aware of just how important his work was for the French government. 

And now what is obvious has been declared: the French knew an Egyptian jetliner was going to get blown up. In its neo-colonialist form, France exists not as a Republic, but rather as a narco-imperial security state where the prospect of endless martial law and warrantless detention is currently an acceptable proposition in the public discourse.  

To further those national security goals, and in order to protect the loyal men doing the "necessary dirty work," the French government will spring criminals from prisons in the tropics, and they'll enable jetliners to explode.