Post-electoral Chaos: US-backed Troops Deployed in Dominican Republic to Quell Fraud Protesters

President has deployed military helicopters. Twitter
The Dominican Republic has descended into anarchy, with voters angry after discarded ballots for the opposition were found by observers.

Danilo Medina, the US-allied strongman who altered the Constitution to his own whims after failing to keep his promise of not seeking re-election, ordered the Dominican military into the streets when people began demanding an investigation into the massive electoral fraud which is alleged to have taken place.

People holding placards which read "no to dictatorship, yes to democracy" were fired at with live rounds, according to reports on Twitter.

Individuals wearing t-shirts in the form of balaclavas to hide their identities began burning rubber tires outside of the country's electoral offices in response to police violence.

Dominican spring? Twitter
One resident of the town of Villa Altagracia, speaking on condition of anonymity to Abreu Report for fear that his family members working in government may be targeted, told us that in some part of the country the military was setting up checkpoints, preventing cameras from going into areas where there are tires being burned.

"In our town the opposition party won the elections, the fraud here is harder since we all know the count and people were heavily observing, but in other places people were bribed, 3000 electoral technicians quit before the vote, the machines were rigged," she told us.

There are parts of the country where the electoral offices have been completely militarized, and it is unclear for how much longer the state of tension will persist, but we can only hope that few people are injured and killed.