Why Would a Far-Left Blog Back Trump?

Everywhere around the web, Abreu Report is labeled as a far-right blog, but the truth is that our editors are all college-educated liberals/libertarians who don't oppose gay marriage or the legalization of cannabis and who would gladly marry a Moroccan/Haitian/Mexican. Hell, I'm writing this article in a Dutch coffeeshop and it's going to be edited by my transgender friend.

Although the great social issues of our time are indeed important to contemplate and discuss in the public sphere, there has arrived in the Anglo-cultural world a certain level of linguistic and globalist oppression which, combined with a Middle Eastern conflict that has already been called World War III, can only be remedied by a return to nationalism.

Although some would label Trump a bigot for saying that Mexico is sending us rapists, to us he's merely a verbal, internet millennial. Trump recently said that "China is raping us" and, predictably, there was backlash from people who think they can regulate language.

We live in an age of changing language, where "those cops fucked me up the ass" doesn't necessarily have to mean an actual, physical act took place. We've written highly-successful articles in the years past using terms that we now see Trump regularly using, and it's refreshing. Trump understands the internet: you have to quickly reach an extremely diverse audience with a very short attention span who need bombastic language which requires deciphering, perhaps research before full interpretation. 

We predict that when Trump becomes president, he will be able to reach people more easily, and will also be able to rally the American people more effectively than Hillary. Moreover, we consider Hillary Clinton to be more dangerous and bigoted than Trump could ever hope to be. 

Trump has never killed or had someone extraordinarily renditioned, nor has he leveled the capital city of a foreign country without authorization from Congress, nor has he lobbed cruise missiles at medical factories in Africa; crimes committed by the Obama/Clinton cabal.

The Presidency of the United States is an entity legally-codified and expected to kill, and Clinton already far exceeded what Trump has promised.

Moreover, our founder is of Dominican descent, and Hillary Clinton is simply an enemy of the Dominican people. The woman has sold herself to globalist sugar interests, and Bill has personally traveled to Haiti to meet with Baby Doc Duvalier, a brutal dictator who used religion, murder, rape and torture to extremes only seen since the rise of the Islamic State.
It's not the Mexicans who should be afraid -- they're a large, powerful country and the US could never successfully occupy Mexico without considerable military commitment -- it's the Dominicans who are terrified; and they fear Hillary of already having set in motion a fusionist plot to prevent the Dominicans from building a wall with Haiti, effectually erasing Hispanic culture and turning the island of Hispaniola, which Haiti and the DR occupy, into a primarily black US commonwealth, the same as nearby, bankrupt Puerto Rico.

The battle for New York will be a battle for the Dominican vote, and we believe Trump deserves it, since he's the only one actually protecting Hispanic civilization. The wall with Mexico will not only help the US, it'll help Mexicans focus on their Hispanic heritage and of building up their own country, instead of dreaming of greener pastures over the border.

In the same way that Hispanic civilization needs saving from emigration by its cognitive elite and protection from mass immigration by Afro-cultural influences, so does Anglo-American culture need saving from the rise of speech tyranny, and to free itself of the newly-arrived, emotionally-driven social justice warriors convinced that feelings should override long-term, strategic, demographic planning.
Screw all the SJWs! DonaldJTrump

From the fat cats at Yale on down, the adults in the United States seem to have handed control to brats, out of fear of being labeled bigots, thus hampering the passing of common sense legislation that could have prevented the current infrastructure decay affecting large parts of America. If you want to cry as a New Yorker, take a vacation in the Dominican Republic and get on the Santo Domingo metro during rush hour. Third world countries have surpassed America in some metrics, and it's a real damn shame I feel as an American!

Moreover, our founder has been an undocumented immigrant, and he has written in the past about the level of exploitation that trusting, honest people can be subjected to by predatory forces who exploit their cultural naivete and limited knowledge of the local language. He ended up in those situations because he himself was a social justice warrior who believed that the borders of Europe should just be fully open. If there had been a wall, it would have sent a clear message, one that would have deterred the misinformed and hopeful from taking a gamble, thus preventing damage to the society.  

Finally, we oppose deportations, and believe it is more humane to turn away people at a heavily-fortified border than to allow them to foolishly plant seeds and partial roots, since the pain of uprooting those roots is far heaving than building a wall to protect the forest of life. If unplanned immigration is not halted, there will still be for the foreseeable decades a need for large, immigrant detention centers, where women have in the past been forced to give birth while shackled, not to mention the rampant abuse which takes place there and goes unreported. 

I don't know about you, but I would rather live in a country where there are zero immigrant women chained to beds. If Trump is not elected, there will be a long-term need for a massive deportation machine, something which could be done away with if undocumented immigration is prevented in the first place.

Even if Trump makes life unpleasant for undocumented immigrants during his first term, that unpleasantness far outweighs decades of migrants dying in the middle of the desert, seeking a dream turning into a nightmare.