Netherlands Should Build Wall with Belgium to Reduce the Jihadist Threat

Walking around my neighborhood here in the Netherlands, I often see Belgian license plates. Although Belgium is a friendly state and part of the European Union, Greece proves what failure to prevent infiltration by members of the Islamic State residing in the radical areas of Molembeek, which is essentially as dangerous as some parts of Haiti, represent.
Coming soon to Holland? MSB

When the Islamic State develops the capability to carry out nuclear attacks, the individuals will be European citizens, homegrown radicals capable of easily-blending into the large, heavily-religious areas of the country where significant numbers of people of foreign descent reside.

A wealthy country living next to a failed state shouldn't make it easy for terrorists to just park their cars in any neighborhood. It is still possible for the European Union to survive, but the border has to be sealed.

The 21st century started with an experiment which is now problematic, and just as the Berlin wall fell after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 with totalitarian communism proving its obsolescence, so too will the Islamic State prove its final futility.

Although Western Europe was never bombarded with nuclear weapons by the USSR, the possibility that it did justified a legitimate need for governments to prepare, in the same way that the Belgian government just recently began distributing iodine pills to prepare for an attack on Europe's nuclear plants, a danger which threatens us in the Netherlands to a significant extent.

Will that nuclear attack take place using cars bearing Belgian license plates? The mere threat justifies a wall more than the threats faced at the US border by murdering cartels armed by Mr. Obama and his former stooge Eric Holder, who were basically beefing up the arsenals of Mexican cartels and the radical Jihadists in Syria that now threaten the stability of Christian civilization.

By: Hans G.