I suspect Obama's Birth Certificate is Fake. I Suspect This Because My Own Birth Certificate is Fake.

My father had help when emigrating from the Dominican Republic to New York. I was simply told that my uncle Abraham from Tel Aviv, whom I only met once before leaving the DR, wanted to conduct some tests on me. I was subjected to an extensive military battery, and I was told that I scored on the 99th percentile, already possessing at age 8 the military acumen of a combat-aged male. 
The dictator's man. DR Gov.

I saw my uncle Abraham a second time in New York, at my father's funeral, and he told me not to despair, that my father's death, my good grades, and my destitute background in the Bronx would secure a place for me at Yale. Abraham told me to apply early action since he had a friend who would "put in a good word" with my admission to the university. And, just like Abraham promised, I was accepted early-action to Yale, where I saw my uncle once again during my sophomore year. 

Abraham told me that it was time to become a US citizen, but that I needed to change my name so that I could "practice an identity for the future." It was then that he began to reveal the truth to me: my father was adopted by the Abreu family after my grandmother married my grandfather. 

The Abreus were one of the wealthiest families in the Dominican Republic, but the dictator Rafael Trujillo stole a significant amount of land, reducing us in the process. My grandfather hated the dictatorship, and I think this is why his family was chosen: no one was to suspect who my real grandfather was.

I haven't seen Abraham since sophomore year, I don't have his contact information, but I know that he will return and ask me for a favor when I rise to politics or if my website continues growing. I know I will be blackmailed with the truth about my birth certificate, or at least that was the original plan. 

All of these years, this Dominican-looking man has been in power in the United States, and people suspect his birth certificate is fake. I also have suspected Obama's birth certificate is fake, and that this is how his handlers keep him under control.

The past past two presidential administrations have kept me terrified, for I believe Obama could be anyone. The secret service is extremely protective of his DNA, and I don't even rule out the possibility that his father was merely chosen as part of a pre-written agenda. 

By writing this I may have destroyed myself and everything I've worked for, but I believe that people deserve to know the truth, even if it calls into question my own accomplishments.