Lisa Monaco Plotting Assassination of Donald Trump in Order to Enact Continuity of Government Plans: Source

The most dangerous woman in America. Minutemen News
The elite want to kill Donald Trump; they see it as the only way to prevent their nefarious globalist agenda from not being implemented.

It's been a couple of years since we last heard from our friend in the Department of Homeland Security.

In August of 2013, our buddy at DHS told us that the mass bureaucracy was making plans to take down Mark Kessler, leader of the Constitutional Security Force and at-the-time chief of police of Gilberton, Pennsylvania.

In 2013, we wrote: "The general impression that my friend in DHS gives me is that the Obama administration is terrified of the guy [Kessler.] 

Simply put, they're afraid that towns which have a demographic similar to Gilberton will all fall under militia rule. 

The prospect that DHS may be forced to confront the residents of Gilberton, Pennsylvania increases with each passing day. 

Depending on how fierce and bloody the response is by residents, it could very well prove to be as threatening to the stability of the United States as  the Whiskey, Fries', and Shay's rebellion[s] threatened the stability of America during its early years. Kessler's radicalism has the power to plunge the United States into chaos."

Abreu Report published that in good faith, but we were being played, and it was later admitted, even by Chief Kessler himself, that he was merely COINTELPRO for DHS. We were unwittingly used as a vehicle for DHS propaganda, and we feel that we owe our readers 10 apologies. Nonetheless, DHS now has come to believe that Kessler's radical demographic is personified in Donald Trump.

And, not surprisingly, our source has returned, and they're asking us to trust them this time; they say that Kessler's affiliation was "above their paygrade," that they were earnest in warning us of what was to come for the residents of Gilberton, and for the rest of the United States.

Our source says that Lisa Monaco already tried to kill Donald Trump back in February of this year, by sabotaging his plane.

Why the plane did not successfully crash, killing Trump, we were not told, but now a more diabolical plan is in full swing, and Trump will be shot in the head, and it will be blamed on a lone gunman, an undocumented Mexican immigrant.

After the false-flag attacks of September the 11th, which were merely a tool used to intimidate Congress into signing the PATRIOT ACT, and after the Bush-administration-sponsored anthrax attacks against legislators, the people's elected representatives willingly handed over the Republic to a would-be tyrant: the DHS advisor to the President, whose power today supersedes those of the vice-president.

If/when they kill Trump, it won't be Obama in charge of the Machiavellian machine of oppression, it'll be Lisa Monaco, and she'll cloak her rape of the Constitution under the lie of national security and safety.