Inside the Dominican Government's Mulatto Breeding Program

Diplomat, playboy, spy; the prototype for Trujillo's program. LVT
What if you could put the brain of an intellectually-talented Ashkenazi Jew into the body of a physically-endowed Hispanic man of African descent? If this sounds like something that came out of the mind of a multi-racial Hitler, that's because it did.

In the 1930s, while Germany was busy implementing its infamous Nuremberg Laws, the Dominican government was also inflamed with fascism, and Generalissimo Rafael Trujillo was busy concocting plans for eliminating the Haitian people, of pure sub-Saharan ancestry, from the Dominican bloodline, in order to subsequently import Europe's intellectually-gifted Jews into our genetic mix.

During the Parsley Massacre, in 1937, Generalissimo Trujillo eliminated more than 30,000 Haitians from the Dominican borderlands; this at a time when the country's capital had just over 50,000 people, thus representing a catastrophic drop in the population of an at-the-time scarcely-populated country.

Trujillo, closely allied with Spain's Franco, had foreknowledge of German Chancellor Adolf Hitler's impending plans for Europe's Jews.

The year after the Parsley Massacre, Generalissimo Trujillo's brother traveled to France, to the Evian Conference, where the fate of Europe's Jewry was to be decided, with the Dominican government being the only one to stand up and vow to take in 100,000 thousand Jews. 

While Zionists dreamt of a motherland in Palestine, others believed that European Jewry's fate laid in the Caribbean, where they were to interbreed until their physical imperfections, and the intellectual imperfections of those with whom they were interbreeding, could be eliminated.

Self-appointed master breeder of the Dominican race. AGN
Generalissimo Trujillo saw himself as a master breeder, and he awarded himself with countless trophies to highlight his supposed talents in animal husbandry.

During his trip to Europe, where Generalissimo Trujillo was received by Generalissimo Franco as an equal, with each awarding the other their respective nations' highest order, Trujillo asked Franco to send him some of his best men, so that they too could be selectively bred into the Dominican bloodline.    

The breeding was selective indeed, and women were chosen at age 16 by the Generalissimo himself, with their singular job being to breed a "better, more intellectually-endowed and whiter people."

Today, there are thousands of Dominicans walking about, completely unaware that they were not bred into existence by love and chance, but rather by a cold, calculating geneticist. 

Although Abreu is a Sephardic Portuguese name, my readers may one day learn that this is not actually my last name, and that my father was actually a child of the Dominican government's human breeding program. 

By: Jose the not Abreu