Skull & Bones Insider: "Murdered Federal Judge was Jared Loughner's Intended Target"

Judge John Roll was appointed to Federal court by none other than George H.W. Bush, the Skull & Bones kingpin responsible for most of the Central Intelligence Agency's drug trafficking activities during the 1970s and 80s. 
Knew too much about Yalie rising in politics. WKM

After Bush Sr.'s time as head of the CIA, he became vice-president to Ronald Reagan, who ceded power to his subordinate as Alzheimer's increasingly left him disabled, during which time Judge Roll served as assistant US Attorney for the District of Arizona,  a convenient entry point for narcotics right under the nose of border authorities. 

According to a Yale graduate from the 1980s, seniors at the university newly tapped for Skull & Bones were tasked with traveling to the border with Arizona, where their loyalty and willingness to take risk was tested by asking them to walk packages right through the border. 

To a new Skull & Bones tap, breaking federal law isn't the purview of criminals, it is the subject of pranks. 

"A group of clean-cut kids in pink polo shirts, carrying Yale gear, and wearing yacht shoes aren't likely to be asked to open their briefcases, but sometimes dogs and rabidly-by-the-book newbies can spoil things,"  our source said. 

"They thought it would be seen as a funny prank, and they were also not sober, and they were laughing hysterically; the Border Patrol agent thought he was being pranked and tested, and his dog started barking; I don't think the dog was supposed to be there that day, it was by happenstance," the insider detailed. 

"So you have this newbie detaining a gang of seniors from Yale, and they are asking to call Bush Sr. himself, and somehow they actually managed to convince the guy that he had done a 'good job,' that he would be promoted for 'making the right call,' that he was being tested," they continued.

"Who exactly was called, I'm not sure, but I know that Judge Roll drove down there personally and set them free. I can tell you one thing, that Border Patrol agent suffered an accident, but Roll was trusted enough to keep his mouth shut, was told he'd get a seat on the Supreme Court," the insider claimed. 

"Mr. Roll was awarded the seat in federal court, as he coveted, but it seems that he wanted more, and he thought he had been skipped over despite his loyalty. He made a comment that doubted someone's ability to keep quiet, and to my understanding this is the reason why he was taken out by Loughner," the Yale graduate alleged.

Abreu Report checked a reliable list, confirming that the person who had contacted us was indeed a member of the secret society which in 2004 decided the elections. If indeed his story was provided to Abreu Report in earnest, this would indicate that the wounding of Rep. Grabielle Giffords was but a mere distraction from the real target that fateful, late summer day in Arizona nearly 5 years ago.

According to our source, one of the Yale graduates who at-the-time US Attorney Roll bailed out is currently rising in politics, and they simply couldn't risk someone knowing this about their past, especially someone disgruntled enough to "whine about not being given the Supreme Court seat he was promised."