Abreu Report to Sue Prominent Amsterdam Realty for $3.50

My buddy told me it's not about the money, he said it's the principle that counts. That's why I've decided to convince our editor-in-chief to sue the Amsterdam realty that screwed him over by submitting a fake contract against him, a contract which has now been irrefutably proven to be a fake, since the apartment had not even been sold when our editor-in-chief allegedly signed the lease.

Our editor could file criminal charges against the owner, but Mr. Abreu figures that the old man has already been through enough trouble with the police, especially after getting interrogated about being a drug addict and having to speak about his use of diabetes drugs; it's best if the owner just settles out of court, and in fact we have been so polite that we scrubbed an article in which he was mentioned.

We have also been polite enough to scrub the name of the Iraqi individual who masterminded the criminal conspiracy involving theft of US government property against our editor-in-chief, since there aren't many individuals with that first name who own a realty in Amsterdam.

Here at Abreu Report we are not in the business of breaking down middle-class people financially, since our enemies are elites who hide behind false corporations and who don't work for their money.

Therefore, we have decided that the best course of action is to sue the Skull & Bones patsy for three dollars and fifty cents, or whatever the equivalent may be in euros on the day negotiations are settled. 

"They went into my apartment, lied about me, made me an illegal immigrant, nearly got me deported from the country where my own mom is a citizen... the realty became my personal Loch Ness Monster, so now I must become their very own Loch Ness Monster."

"It's the principle that counts, and I want my damn three fiddy! I'm gonna come out of a canal looking for my cash if I have to," said Mr. Abreu.

Yes, it is 2am and all three of us are drunk, but this is the amount of money that we have decided to sue for, and the realty can either settle or get sued for the amount of damages they actually did.