Skull & Bones Drug Apartment: New Evidence Irrefutably Establishes as Fact that Abreu Report Editor-in-Chief was Victim of Criminal Conspiracy

What happens when a conspiracy theorist becomes the victim of an easy-to-prove criminal conspiracy?

In January of 2015, our editor-in-chief found himself in court, facing the prospect of three convictions for violating the Narcotics Act. The case was open for nearly two years, during which time the Dutch government attempted to deport our editor to Spain, despite his mom being a Dutch citizen, him not being formally charged with a crime, and his presence in the Netherlands not having constituted an illegal act.

Despite not being known to the police, our editor was treated as an illegal immigrant by the authorities from the minute they discovered his supposed apartment, and this was because the owner of the apartment and the realty submitted a contract alleging that he had signed the lease in January of 2012.

But Mr. Abreu did not sign the contract on the 8th of January, 2012, as 4 employees of a prominent Amsterdam realty alleged, or how the owner testified. In fact, a simple Google search establishes that the apartment was put up for auction in December of 2011, and that it was only sold in April of 2012. The owner did not even own the apartment in January of 2012, when half a dozen people took to the same Dutch police station and testified against our editor-in-chief.

An extremely wealthy Dutch landlord who owns many apartments and a prominent Amsterdam realtor all colluded and took part in a conspiracy that turned our editor-in-chief into a near-felon who was almost deported to Spain, saved only by the grace of his American passport.

Our editor-in-chief just spent the past two days in bed, unable to eat or sleep. A simple Google search was all it took for him to establish that an apartment for which he was accused of being the leaseholder was in fact not even owned by the person who fingered him as the ganja farmer.

The fact that the prosecutor was willing to drop the charges in court so quickly once she learned that our editor-in-chief had come from Spain upon learning that he would be made to stand trial, hints that she had to have also known that the owner did not own the apartment when he alleges Mr. Abreu signed the lease.

This means that: 
1) The owner knowingly submitted a lease with a false date.
2) Four employees of a large Amsterdam realty testified to the veracity of that false lease.
3) A Dutch policewoman was told that the lease was a false, and failed to ask the owner when he purchased the apartment.
4) The prosecutor accepted a false lease, despite our editor-in-chief having testified that he could not have signed it.

And this all happened to us 4 days after writing an article critical of Skull & Bones, in which we predicted that John Kerry's ascension as Secretary of State signaled plans to reignite a Cold War with Russia.

Although whoever set us up got arrogant, using the American date to try and make our editor the one responsible for the contents of the apartment, the damage has already been done. We know that we have extremely wealthy and powerful enemies, and that there's nowhere we can run; they'll set us up wherever we may relocate.

Or maybe whoever set us up didn't get arrogant, and they were sending us a message with the date they put on the lease: 1/08.

108 Tongues is a rap group whose frontman is a known member of Skull & Bones. Coincidence? Maybe in 4 years a simple Google search will yield evidence that the 108 faction of Skull & Bones was "coincidentally" in our editor's apartment just before the police raided it.