Abreu Report "Invited" to Short-notice "Conversation" by Dutch Ministry of Justice

They took us down on Facebook. They took us down completely during the Dominican elections, and they burdened us with thousands upon thousands of dollars in legal bills, but we bounced back; and now, defeated, they have invited us for a "conversation," while refusing to hand over the case file compiled by the Amsterdam police against our publication, making it clear that the Dutch government is hellbent on destroying Abreu Report, even going so far as using our editor-in-chief's immigration record in this free speech dispute.

Although our ordeal began with an article allegedly offending a policewoman in East Amsterdam, it quickly grew into a witch hunt involving 4 detectives and implicating even articles of satire which we had supposedly written targeting the King of the Netherlands, His Excellency Doctor Willem Alexander PhD [may peace be upon him,] and even articles critical of checkpoints set-up by the police in Ijburg, a small island outside of Amsterdam.

Our editor-in-chief is a US citizen with a Yale degree whose mom is Dutch, but he was born in the Dominican Republic. Being born in a developing country in the Netherlands is all that matters when police pull a person over for a traffic offense, and the treatment he received was so animalistic that they even sent a van full of armed immigration officers to his Dutch girlfriend's home, agents who fingerprinted him so savagely that there's droplets of blood on the paper used to fingerprint him.

The precedents set by the Dutch police in the brutal pursuit of our editor-in-chief are so draconian that if he were to one day implement the same policies against the Haitian population in the Dominican Republic, it would lead to allegations of ethnic cleansing towards his government.

Yet that is the reality we face today, and this publication may very well have its days numbered. The individual slated to "talk" to us is Middle Eastern, so it definitely won't go over well that this is a pro-Trump-policy, pro-Geert-Wilders publication.

Considering the ancestry of who our lawyer Willem Jebbink and us are going up against, it's highly unlikely that we'll get fair treatment, and it's almost a foregone conclusion that this website will soon be quarantined by an increasingly intolerant Dutch government, one hellbent on implementing its Machiavellian goals.