Globalist Elite Depleting Yellow Fever Vaccine Stockpiles as Virus Threatens to Spread on a Global Scale

My ex-girlfriend is a nurse at a prominent clinic attended by a lot of Yale graduates, and she told me to get the yellow fever vaccine if I didn't already have it. She casually mentioned this last year and I didn't make much of it until an outbreak began raging in Africa in recent months, with the potential to spread to major population areas in Asia; since Angola, the epicenter of the outbreak, is a major hub for Chinese workers.
A bigger threat than Zika. © Abreu Report

Although yellow fever is endemic in some parts of South America, it hasn't made its way into the large population centers of the continent's large cities in the same way that it has in Africa, sparking allegations that the virus was in some way made deadlier, helping it to spread even as a vaccination campaign goes full throttle. 

Naturally, the question becomes: why are so many members of the elite suddenly getting vaccinated for yellow fever? It appears that there's maybe no stopping the spread of the virus, and that in a few months we could be facing an outbreak of unparalleled proportions in modern history.

It seems that the elite have been on top of this virus, and the media is purposely suppressing information about the outbreak, hoping they can keep the masses from depleting vaccine stocks before the mosquito-borne killer makes its way to major population centers.

While people in developing countries struggle to get the vaccine, those in developed societies who are ahead of the curve are already vaccinated. 

This hoarding by those who can afford non-emergency stockpiles of the vaccine has led to a crisis of unparalleled proportions in Africa, as the virus spreads with no hope of there being enough vials of the vaccine to prevent a global calamity.