The Erasure of the Dominican People Through the Fusion of Hispaniola

I know the title sounds dramatic, but this could actually become a reality. There is a thin line between solidarity and self preservation. Journalists, if you can even call them that, from all over the world have been writing articles in regards to the Dominican Republic and its treatment of "illegal" -- keyword "illegal" -- Haitians. 
Various documentaries have been produced as well. It's almost like they forget that the Dominican Republic is a small, 3rd world country and not the vast, United States. 

An open border conspiracy in the making. La-Hispaniola
However, it's not that they've really forgotten: they just know they have to play the game, which they play very well. Comparing the two is ignorant and dismissive. As if to say that this is how it is in America, and thus it should be that way everywhere, while in reality, you could fit the tiny island of Hispaniola in pretty much any state in America. 
Follow the money trail and it leads to organizations connected to Open Society and Mr. Soros. The Dominican Republic doesn't grant birthright citizenship to children of illegal immigrants -- "Jus sanguinis." Detractors and agitators claim that this is a retroactive law being used for ethnic cleansing, which is bullshit.
After the 2010 earthquake which devastated Haiti, the Dominican Republic took in many Haitians and offered tremendous support. In the years that followed, it turned out that Haitians were being exploited and abused by other foreign "helping hands," with charity money going missing, child sex trafficking rampant, and with cholera left behind. 

All of this caused a new, mass exodus into the Dominican Republic that was answered by what became an international scandal: the current President, Danilo Medina, stood strong against violations of the country's sovereignty, for which he received brutal persecution by the globalist media, and which probably came with "an offer he couldn't refuse," as Mr. Medina quickly changed his tune and halted deportations. 
However, if you pay attention, then you know that George Soros, John Kerry, and other influential people visited Mr. Medina, asking that he take in Haitian immigrants. Mr. Soros' visit took place at the end of 2014, and by June 2015 he'd already unleashed his media tentacles, waging a full scale attack, which gained some traction, but not enough. 
In their hit pieces, the globalist media paints a picture of Haitians born in the DR as being stripped of birthright citizenship, when in reality one cannot be stripped of something one has never had. These alleged claims of ethnic cleansing and racism are nothing more than bargaining chips in geopolitical blackmail, which is then used in propaganda to create the narrative with which we are currently dealing.

People in the Dominican Republic already face poverty and now they have to bare the weight of their neighbors, who historically have been their enemies, and if Dominicans refuse to comply, they're "racist." 
Nowadays, the proud nationalists are becoming a small group who refuse to lay down to foreign interests. They are laughed at and called "racist, xenophobic, and homophobic" for not embracing what could only be described as a "passive invasion." 
Invasions are something Dominicans know all too well when it comes to their Haitian neighbors, neighbors who repeatedly have tried to invade and failed. 
America then sends its gay Ambassador who begins to engage in gay activism on the island. His visit to an elementary school with his husband was seen as disrespectful and against the norms and customs of the people, violating Article 41 of the Vienna convention. 
You see... just like in the past, the present bears similar fruit. Hispaniola and its people were colonized and forced to accept many things before, and the same holds true today, except that now it's millions of Haitians and a full-blown gay paradise; or else!
And if that wasn't enough, Barrick Gold is playing out a scene right out of Avatar as they mine at the expense of the poor, the land, and rivers. 
To add insult to injury, for every $100 dollars of gold mined, the Dominican Republic only receives  $3, while other private interest groups are foaming out of the mouth for nickel mines and oil reserves. 
The next president of the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is tied to a gold mine exploitation permit in Haiti, through her brother, while one of her biggest supporters, Mr. Soros, just acquired 1.7% of Barrick Gold. 
I know, I know, it's just a coincidence, it's all a conspiracy theory. You wish... 

The amount of lies and misinformation being reported about Dominican people are just plain baloney. If there were no gold or oil to exploit in Hispaniola, we wouldn't be having this conversation. 
They accuse Dominicans of racism and every other politically-charged buzzword in the book. All while their countries are guilty of way worse things. 
"But let he who has not sinned..." 
I think you know the rest. Thank God that there exist people such as myself and many others who can combat their lies with finesse. 
When I hear them calling us racist, all I can do is laugh. We are way more mixed then all of them and have lived in a multi-racial society for a long time. The racial hang-ups they were having in the 60's were on display for the world, while in the Dominican Republic people of all colors stood together against a U.S. invasion: Tainos, native to the Island, descended from the Arawak Indians, white Dominicans descended from Canary Islanders, and black Dominicans descended from Sub-Saharan Africans. 
Together, theses people mixed and form what you now call Dominicans. Some chose not to mix and remain white or black. Either way, our roots of slavery and oppression are very deep. Sure, you had some white Dominicans from other areas of Europe. However, let's cut the crap!
Dominicans speak Canary Island Spanish and their arrival in Hispaniola is well-documented, as well as in Puerto Rico and Cuba. Canary islanders were the largest group that made up Dominicans as you know them today. 
The propaganda against my people is now even turning some of us against each other; where now you have radical Afro-Latinos trying to break away and distance themselves from their multi-racial families. 
In the end, they will only be sadly mistaken. They even defend these powerful people mentioned here against us. Even going as far as abandoning their Dominican pride for strangers. Their brothers and sisters are those same families from the island. Their newfound friends would turn on them given the right situation, as we saw with Zoe Saldana, which just happened to pop up while all of this is going on. 
However, your true family is usually the only one to stand with you when the shit hits the fan. There are currently millions of Haitians in the Dominican Republic; millions! 
If you think that will have no effect on our country, then you're just an idiot, and the social engineers pulling the strings know exactly what they are doing: they are erasing us.
Why? I don't know. However, it's all there if you just open your eyes. Many Dominicans on the island believe that this is all an effort to create one Island in solidarity and "kumbaya love," stripping their identity for "one island under one flag," to the detriment of its inhabitants, as natural resources are extracted, but hopefully this never happens, not even in their sweetest, colonist dreams, because this is a nightmare for Dominicans, that is when they finally wake up and smell that good coffee from the campo. 
Is there racism among Dominicans? Of course there is. However, I still feel that those judging us are way more racist than we could ever be, and thus they lack the moral standing to have the audacity to attack us with such defamation; their countries are historically racist and constantly fighting amongst themselves and their neighbors as well. 
Their racism is "prolific" in comparison to the Dominican Republic. They claim Trujillo killed 30,000 people because of the color of their skin, which is hogwash and nothing more than propaganda compounded by exaggerated lies from the United States. 
Trujillo didn't kill 30,000 Haitians; that is a gross exaggeration, one that is to this day used against us. 
Trujillo's actions were politically-charged and had nothing to do with skin color. Trujillo treated his Haitian uncle very well, and that is heavily documented. His actions were a display of power to enforce the security of the border, and also to stand up to would-be usurpers, as he saw they were gaining influence and trying to take over the borderlands. 
Trujillo was a dictator and his actions reflect the quality of such a person, not the people. These actions Trujillo engaged in are now used to demonize the Dominican people, and now every anti-Dominican article must contain this story -- at least their version, and only their version.
The globalist media never mentions all of the Haitian atrocities which caused the distrust of our neighbors. They are painted as weak and docile victims, when nothing could be further from the truth. 
Hack journalists use this as their trump card. 
However, I carry the Big Joker and I beg to differ: you cannot condemn all of of us because of Trujillo and we are not going to let you do that. We also are not going to let you erase us. Media publications try to erase Dominican identity almost as if they are hellbent on getting rid of us. 
They write us off as just "some black people who speak Spanish," or "self-hating Haitians," which is complete bullshit.
Historians and geneticists know the truth about Dominicans. The globalist media only speaks of mtDNA, not Y-DNA or autosomal, which is very suspect... who are they testing and where are they conducting these tests? 
When will we see an autosomal DNA test of Dominicans in the United States? I bet they won't dare, because it will blow holes in the narrative, the fictional one they are trying to push on us. 
These slanderous articles tell half-truths and never paint the whole picture. Our ancestors of all colors fought and bled the ground red for our Dominican identity, and none of you will ever take that away from us. 
To all you Dominicans in the States who so easily rush to give away our identity, may you live forever.

By: El Conde