Infiltration of Skull & Bones in Donald Trump Campaign Signals Definite Desire to Wage War in Saudi Arabia

It seems all of the cards have been made transparent for the whole world to see: Donald Trump craftily utilized conspiracy theories during his rise to power, even as he was working with the conspirators. 

When some Americans heard Mr. Trump talking about the 28 classified pages of the 9/11 Commission Report which, according to Senator Bob Graham, detail involvement by elements within the Saudi monarchy in the most dastardly attacks in our country's history, we led ourselves to believe that there would be justice and that the Bush crime family and their confederates might finally face a well-deserved hanging from the neck until dead for killing 3,000 American civilians and diabolically destroying half the Middle East through unprovoked invasions and by financing proxies.

Those hopes for justice, however, have now been ritualistically slaughtered on the altar of American politics, with Mr. Trump tapping Steven Mnuchin to run his financial campaign, meaning that he will never go after the Bush family, and that he expects to win. 

If Mr. Mnuchin felt in even the slightest way that Donald Trump had plans of going after any of the domestic conspirators responsible for taking down World Trade Center 7, he would have never jumped on Mr. Trump's bandwagon, lest his oath to Skull & Bones be betrayed and his own life put at risk. 

The Saudi monarchs responsible for financing and furnishing the 9/11 hijackers have already been eliminated, with their deaths coming in quick, mysterious succession, but the only way to prevent the eventual cannibalization of the United States by a civil war is to set off a controlled-insurgency where grievances for the deaths which took place on 9/11 are overshadowed by race, immigration, and by a president who himself wields conspiracy theories to control the masses.

A civil war has already been written into the future history books, and the ink dried when the smoke stopped billowing from World Trade Center 7. The only thing we can hope for now is that America does not come undone because of it, and in a way electing a bigot who will make everything about racism and not the treason of our first family may be the only way to end the conflict peacefully within a reasonable period of time, since internal hostilities will likely cease once Mr. Trump leaves office, something which is unlikely to happen if Ms. Clinton were elected.
He'll save America by setting it on fire. YNW

There's a big war coming, and in the same way that every neighborhood militia in Syria is out to protect its own neck, in the same way that the Assad regime tortures and drops bombs on civilians in a scale unseen in decades despite being the multicultural, multi-faith player in the game, there will be  no good guys in this fight, just "gooder choices..." until they become the worst choice.

Mr. Trump really does want to save America, and he believes that the way to do it is by waging a big external war while presiding over a domestic insurrection whose resolution, and the conspiracy theories that will ensue after its conclusion, shall prevent people from ever wanting to shed more blood over unsolved crimes, i.e. the conspiracies surrounding 9/11.