Blatant Media Cover-up in Mysterious Death of Dutch Couple After Trip to Saona Island, as John Kerry Arrives in Town to Finalize Deal on Construction of New HAARP Base

It's not often that the suspicious death of two tourists in the Dominican Republic escapes our editor-in-chief, so it was rather strange when he received a text message from a Dutch friend asking him what exactly could have led to two extremely healthy newlyweds dying suddenly and without an apparent explanation.

The Dutch media, naturally, is all over the story, with NOS reporting that the newlyweds fell ill after traveling to Saona Island, where the United States has decided, despite the area's extremely delicate ecosystem, that a military base needs to replace the one lost in Vieques, Puerto Rico.
Vieques shut down after cancer overwhelmed population. TheGully

Although the Dutch media has reported that the couple traveled to Saona Island on the day they fell ill, the Dominican media is completely silent on this matter, with only a couple of papers writing about the death of the newlyweds, strangely reporting that the duo fell ill immediately after having dinner, something which no luxury hotel with a good lawyer would so readily admit. 

Did the Dutch couple fall ill after dinner or immediately upon returning from Saona Island? It seems that the cover-up in the Dominican media is so extensive that the National Police even failed to announced that the dead couple were newlyweds, refusing to reveal the relationship between the two in order to reduce the emotional impact of their deaths.

Something on Saona Island must have killed the Dutch couple, and the arrival last night in the Dominican Republic of US Secretary of State John Kerry to negotiate a deal on such a tiny island tells us something serious is afoot.

Consider that the tragedy in Orlando affected mostly Hispanics, with three Dominicans succumbing to their injuries. America's top ambassador, John Kerry, has decided to travel to the Dominican Republic in order to use this tragedy. Many of the religious groups opposed to granting US soldiers diplomatic immunity are also the most nationalistic parties, with the liberal parties opposed to the construction of an ecologically-destructive base now likely to be sympathetic to Mr. Kerry's demands, especially given the brutality of the latest massacre. 

The tragedy in Florida has conveniently guaranteed that the Pentagon will finalize construction of its much-coveted new playpark in the Caribbean.
When we want to know what's really happening in the United States after a tragedy, we take our cue from John Kerry, since he's the top Bonesman in the nation now that the Bush clan has been retired temporarily. That the top Bonesman would travel immediately after the worst shooting in US history to the Dominican Republic tells us that the United States has big plans for the base on Saona island, where experiments into biological weapons are to be conducted, and where a suspected HAARP array is to be built. 

People have already been killed for opposing Washington's desire to expand its global empire of bases, and it is now apparent that the same type of contamination which led to massive protest and the end of the military presence on Vieques, will likewise affect not just the residents of Saona Island, but also people who visit and encounter wildlife exposed to US government experiments. 

Those deaths will, naturally, be attributed to a base case of lobster.