Swiss Diplomat Found Dead With Throat Slit in Dominican Republic After Apparent Robbery

The National Police in the Dominican Republic announced yesterday Tuesday that Wolfgamg Heimann, a 56-year-old judicial consultant for the Swiss embassy in Santo Domingo, was found dead inside of his home with his throat slit.

According to Diario Libre, a large Latin American daily, assailants made away with Mr. Heimann's safe, which contained documents, and his black Porsche Panamera, which was found torched under Jacobo Majluta bridge in the country's capital.
Diplomats shocked by grizzly murder © FDFA

It appears that the motive of the crime was not fully financial, since the assailants left behind Mr. Heimann's gun, his laptop, and then proceeded to torch an expensive vehicle. 

In fact, Mr. Heimann's murder led a retired police officer consulted by Abreu Report to conclude that the crime was likely committed by young people who got carried away during an unplanned robbery, taking a car they could not hope to stash and sell. 

Our consultant hypothesized that the Porsche was taken for joyride purposes, tying into his hunch that the crime could have even been committed by minors. 

Diario Libre reported that the National Police is currently investigating three suspects, but were unwilling to divulge details.

Another possibility is that Mr. Heimann was killed to cover-up something related to the documents which were stolen, and considering that he was a judicial consultant for the Swiss embassy, it's only logical to conclude that he had information on a powerful drug dealer or politician, or a drug-dealing-politician.