Skull & Bones Tension in the Tropics: John Kerry Pressures Dominican Government to Open Border with Haiti Under Threat of Fire As Dominican Vessel Fired Upon by Bahamian Navy

A handshake he couldn't refuse. Listin Diario
The situation in the Caribbean has escalated since the arrival of John Kerry, as a naval ship from the Bahamas fired upon a Dominican fishing vessel which had supposedly intruded into its waters. 

The Bahamas, like Haiti, is a member of the Caribbean Community, an organization which has, with help from the US State Department and the European Union, been waging economic warfare against the Dominican Republic since its inception. 

It seems, however, that economic warfare has now exploded into full-blown open hostilities, as the Caribbean Community has decided to impose its territorial will upon its more economically-successful neighbor. 

Although Haiti is a member of the Caribbean Community, the country's citizens do not enjoy the privilege of visa-free travel within the chain of islands which form the archipelagic superstate. 

Nonetheless, the Caribbean Community wants the Dominican Republic to fully open its border with Haiti, even though the DR is not welcome in the organization due to the Hispanic culture not fully fitting in with the British, Dutch, and French character of the Caribbean Community. 

The United States and the European Union, hoping for cheap labor on the island of Hispaniola, would like to see the dissolution of the Dominico-Haitian border, even if it means the destruction of a centuries-old culture which has survived multiple French, British, Haitian, and US invasions.

The Caribbean Community, for its part, would like to revive its stagnant economy, hoping that a refugee crisis in the Dominican Republic will discourage tourists from visiting the country and opt instead for a CariCom island.

Although in the past the elite were more discreet about their open border plans, the rise of Donald Trump and the possibility that the Dominican Republic could build a wall with Haiti means that globalist objectives must now be cranked into overdrive, with Mr. Kerry leading the way towards these imperialistic goals.