Netherlands and Dominican Republic Collude to Hide Reason for Death of Dutch Newlyweds Suspected of Succumbing to Experimental Weapons

Saona Island, Dominican Republic -- Yet another cover-up surrounding a mysterious death on the Pentagon's coveted new Caribbean play park.
Paradise at risk of militarization. WKM

While the entire Dominican media immediately decided that a Dutch couple who died suspiciously while celebrating their honeymoon perished as a result of food poisoning, Abreu Report stood up and noticed that the corporate media was neglecting to mention a trip to Saona Island, where some Dominican politicians allege the US government is conducting "surveys" in order to construct a mysterious military base. 

While normally it is "conspiracy theorists" who deduce the reason for a death before an autopsy is conducted, this time the corporate media seemed to have a desperate need for finding the simplest explanation for what was an inexplicable death, since no one else was affected by food poisoning, despite dozens and dozens of people eating from the same kitchen. 

And now, after the autopsy has been conducted, there's no warning from the Dutch government about food poisoning hazards, there's no announcement of a health department investigation by the Dominican government, the Dominican police will not say if they're investigating the deaths, the Dutch government claims not to know the cause of death of its citizens abroad, and the Venema family is so far refusing to speak. 

At this point it is possible that the Venema family was fed a cover story to hide what's truly going on in Saona Island, and why the Dominican government feels the need to secretly build power plants.

Whatever is taking place down there, it requires a tremendous amount of energy, and all of the Dominican politicians who were asking questions about it had their votes dumped during the recent elections this past May, elections rife with allegations of fraud, which saw the US-pre-approved strongman Danilo Medina win with an unprecedented and impossible majority. 

We may never know exactly what caused the death of the Venemas, but one thing is clear: the US government will make sure that anyone who dies after a visit to Saona Island is conveniently kept in the shadows.