Dominican Government in Secret Motions to Create 20km "Deforestation Buffer" Into Haiti

After Turkey and its NATO backers suggested that a "secure line" be created 10km into Syria, where safety could be guaranteed, the Dominican ruling elite on the other side of the world realized a legal precedent had been established when it came to creating "security buffers" inside of failed states. 

A soon-to-shift landscape. UN
A newly-released documentary, Death by a Thousand Cuts, exposes the level of depredation which is affecting Dominican forests near the Haitian border, where Haitians are "clearing the trees with machetes and building ovens that slow-cook wood into lightweight black charcoal," a product which is then sold in the streets of Port-Au-Prince. 

Many members of the Dominican elite are convinced that the United Nations stabilization mission in Haiti has been a complete, unmitigated catastrophe which only, with the introduction of cholera by peacekeepers, worsened the plight of the Haitian people. 

Recent talks to bring Haiti under the fore of African Union troops has not brought much hope to the Dominican elite, and many are now utterly convinced that Haiti's fate is to be a failed state for perhaps a generation to come, thus leading some to push for the Dominican Republic to take action in dealing with what they see as a threat to the stability of the nation. 

Over 137,000 Haitians living in the Dominican Republic who had temporary residence permits which did not authorize them to work have now been asked to show proof of employment and pay 300 dollars for renewal, a sum out of reach for many of them. Most of them will be deported, creating a new city in Haiti.

The primary objective of this is to put pressure on Haiti, or what's left of its governing class, into allowing the Dominican Republic to stop what it sees as brutal deforestation, even if it means essentially annexing Haitian territory. 

The world is distracted with Brexit, and a lot is taking place under the radar of the international, corporate media, as cabals around the world put their more grandiose objectives into motion. 

Although the presence of United Nations troops in Haiti currently make Dominican plans a bit harder to carry out, it is only a question of time until they leave and the Dominican government kicks into nationalist overdrive.