Bill Clinton Alleged to Have Strangled Dominican Sex Worker During Visit to Casa de Campo Golf Resort

Monica Lewinsky is not all that former President Bill Clinton would have wished the American people had never discovered, especially as his wife could possibly become the next commander-in-chief.
Not all was sun and fun. Campo Living

Despite his attempts to hide the dark energy which consumes him for inexplicable reasons, Mr. Clinton was unable to control himself during one of his latest visits to Casa de Campo, a posh golf resort in the Caribbean where the Clintons go to solicit funds from foreign sugar barons.

According to a person knowledgeable with the inner workings of the preparations which took place to receive Mr. Clinton, the former head of state always makes sure that he can get some away time from his Secret Service detail.

"The place where he was secluded is always the same place where other important people go to get their necessities met, it's just the girl and a trusted pimp in that area," our source informed us.

"It's a small community, I knew a girl that went there to meet with him, she was never heard from again, the rumor is that she was strangled... a friend of mine in the force told me a girl was found charred in the bushes, but they were told 'bury the body and go home,'" he continued.

Another Clinton murder scene? Casa de Campo
"It's not that it was sloppy, it's just that it shows absolutely no regard for human life. I remember seeing Bill around the next day, he had that sunken look in his eyes that you know a killer has when he's done something wrong," he concluded. 

Although the evidence that Mr. Clinton was involved in the murder of the missing Dominican sex worker is not fully conclusive, this is not the first time a Clinton has been suspected of an extrajudicial assassination when things don't go their way.

White House Counsel Vince Foster, who was part of Mr. Clinton's first administration, is alleged to have been killed on orders of Hillary Clinton.  

If the allegations that Mr. Clinton murdered a Dominican sex worker hold any weight, it is likely that she saw too much, and was possibly witness to something in the domain of  Jeffrey Epstein, who has been described as Clinton's "pedophile pimp."

Since Mr. Epstein's 2008 conviction for sex crimes, it is suspected that Mr. Clinton has used his involvement in Haiti, for which the Clinton Foundation mismanaged aid after the devastating 2010 earthquake, to fulfill desires that he could no longer fulfill without Mr. Epstein's "Lolita Express."

Considering the level of control which the Clintons exert over the island of Hispaniola, of which Haiti and the Dominican form part, it is not surprising that locals suspect that Mr. Clinton strangled a native and was able to get away with it, with the police even helping him dispose of the body.