More Checkpoints Expected After Yet Another Brutal Knife Incident on Small Dutch Island

The small, artificially-constructed island of Ijburg is back in the news again, with some Dutch experts arguing that the decade-old piece of reclaimed land encapsulates perfectly the calamity wrought upon the Netherlands by unfettered immigration. To many people living in small communities in the Netherlands, small-time armed robbery was unthinkable just a decade ago, yet the arrival of millions of unvetted people in Europe has placed us in just that situation. 
Bus driver required hospitalization. GVB
The latest victim was a bus driver who was knife-whipped across the head after one of his assailants came to suspect he had pressed the alarm.

The suspects' faces were covered while they robbed the bus driver of his day's earnings, and police have made no arrests in the case, leading most of the residents on the small island to conclude that no justice will be served, especially considering the number of unsolved crimes in the capital of the once-safe country.
Stabbing took place near mosque. NOS

This most recent knife attack against a public official comes after one of our own editors was nearly witness to the brutal stabbing of an undercover police officer at the hands of a mentally-deranged individual who fought against police so belligerently that they eventually needed to place a hood over his head in order to bring him into custody.

After the incident involving the stabbing of the undercover cop, police set-up checkpoints outside of the Albert Heijn supermarket, where most of the island's residents purchase food. 

Some residents of Ijburg complained that the checkpoints outside of a place where people go to purchase food constituted an overreach in the pursuit of criminals who congregate mainly in shisha lounges and in coffeeshops. 

Nonetheless, the checkpoints outside of the supermarket did lead to the deportation of some individuals, with many residents claiming they felt safer with police conducting immigration raids on the same street where the tiny island's mosque is located.