Elite Hoarding: Theft of Vaccines to Brutally Exacerbate Worst Yellow Fever Outbreak in Decades

On the 6th of June, Abreu Report wrote about the unchecked spread of the yellow fever virus in Africa -- an outbreak which threatens the entire stability of human civilization given the rate at which it is spreading -- and how the globalist elite were depleting and hoarding the vaccine.

The level of hoarding has reached even scarier levels, as 1 million doses of the vaccine were reported to have gone missing just this month, with the disease now "spreading largely unchecked in the Congolese capital of Kinshasa, a city of more than 10 million with strong international links." 

 Stockpiling for elite. ©Abreu Report
As yellow fever has never spread in Asia on a mass scale, the population there is largely unvaccinated, creating fertile ground for a catastrophic outbreak in the most-populated continent on earth, with no hope of creating enough vaccines to slow the spread of the unforgiving killer. 

Angola, currently experiencing a severe economic crisis which is crippling everything from hospitals to garbage collection, has a large number of Chinese workers residing in its territory, and since the nation grants very few visas to international reporters, it's hard to get all the facts from inside the country. 

The crisis is more serious than we're being led to believe and the likelihood that yellow fever will continue spreading wildly in Africa, eventually making its way to Asia, with sporadic outbursts in other parts of the world, has grown astronomically since we first reported on the virus back in April, after evidence led us to deduce that this was a manufactured crisis, something which the theft of the 1 million doses now strongly confirms. 
In April, we wrote: "Although Mr. Clapper [Director of National Intelligence] publicly told the American people that mosquitoes could be used as a weapon of mass destruction only this year, the United States Army has been experimenting with the lowly mosquito as a weapon to wipe out entire populations and cities since the 1950s, going so far as calculating how many cents it would take to kill one person with weaponized mosquitoes carrying yellow fever and conducting experiments over populated areas in Georgia.
A cost-effective killer. US Army
In 1981, the US Army declassified a shocking report, detailing how the deadly yellow fever virus was dispersed over populated areas using airplanes, and calculating the exact cost of 'attacking a 7.5 km² area (battalion) with yellow-fever infected mosquitoes.'" 

Mr. Clapper's assertion at the start of the year that mosquitoes are a WMD was no coincidence, and there are unconfirmed reports that he was sending a direct warning to China about Washington's entomological warfare program.

With the theft of the million doses, it now fully appears that we have entered the age of entomological warfare, and the very real prospect that millions could die grows ever more certain. 

Whether the theft was committed by the same people responsible for spreading the virus is not clear, but it was a heist which required the cooperation of some powerful agents, since storage and logistics makes this an expensive, otherwise futile endeavor should preparations not be sufficient. 

Nonetheless, the heist shows that someone with very powerful resources believes that the yellow fever vaccine is a commodity worth stealing in large quantities, meaning that other individuals or state agents are now certain the virus will continue spreading unchecked, with the world unable to manufacture enough doses of the vaccine to create herd immunity in affected populations.

One thing is certain regardless of who spread the virus or stole the vaccines: the US Army stands to expand its footprint in Africa and to receive more funding for its supposed war against tropical diseases.