October Surprise: Clinton May Fake Assassination Attempt on Self, Media to Blame it on Trump

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump makes an improvised comment about 2nd Amendment enthusiasts being the only ones with enough voting power to prevent democratic candidate Hillary Clinton from changing America's top court for what could ostensibly be the rest of the century, and the entire mainstream media is fully fixated on the idea that Mr. Trump suggested that Ms. Clinton be assassinated, even as Ms. Clinton has a history of making jokes at the expense of countries she's bombed and people she's actually responsible for killing.

If anyone believed that the corporate media still maintained any sense of fairness, that belief should now be firmly shaken; a mere visit to Reddit's r/politics subreddit will demonstrate exactly how extreme the bias is, with the idea now being strongly promoted that Hillary Clinton's death will be the fault of Mr. Trump, despite the laundry-list of ailments currently affecting both Mr. and Ms. Clinton. 

Mr. Clinton, who makes regular trips to Haiti, where cholera is rampant, is said to be terminally ill, with his weight dropping drastically over the last few years. Ms. Clinton herself has suffered numerous episodes even over the past couple of months, leading some medical experts to question her health. 

There is a very real probability that either the former president or the former first lady are dying, and this explains why the media is latching on to a misinterpreted remark by Mr. Trump supposedly suggesting that Ms. Clinton be killed.

The Clintons likely believe in euthanasia, and if one of them sees political benefit to an "October Surprise," they may very well decide to take the cocktail faster in order to make it appear that Mr. Trump planned the death in some way. 
Miraculously saved by ballistic glass? YNW

The outpouring of grief from the death of a Clinton will likely be enough to fix the election for the democrats, and many pundits will openly deny what it clearly visible, that the couple's health has been in decline for years.

The most likely probability, however, is that Ms. Clinton will fake an assassination attempt on herself, an attempt that will be blamed on a 2nd Amendment supporter, thus providing the necessary national panic to push through her disarmament agenda.

The extreme level of coverage which the media is giving to Mr. Trump's comments should tell us what's coming, even if a Clinton is not in line to kick the bucket: the media will begin blaming the acts of supposed 2nd Amendment supporters on Mr. Trump. The Republic itself may very well be on its deathbed, with the 4th branch of government serving as executioner for the Executive.