Caricom Hypocrisy Exposed as Haitian Refugee Crisis Intensifies

Doors are being slammed in the face of poor Haitians all over the world, and one can only wonder if we will see such fierce media backlash against these countries; you know, like the kind the Dominican Republic received globally for trying to enforce immigration laws and have its sovereignty respected.

Masses of undocumented migrants passively invaded the Dominican Republic, with the government responding as any sovereign nation would, only to be demonized in the media as a racist country.

In Chile, Panama, Mexico, and Columbia just a couple of thousand Haitians in-transit have authorities panicking. Let's also not forget the other islanders over at Caricom like the Bahamas, Guyana, et al, who treat Haitians, their fellow Caricom member, no different, dispensing inhumane treatment, with images of irregular migrants carried off like cattle in trailers by immigration officials causing shock.

These other nations have closed their doors without worrying about a media backlash, but such wasn't the case for the Dominican Republic.

One wonders about the European nations who colluded to wreak havoc in the Caribbean, even putting out a film distorting the narrative on the island of Hispaniola, alleging that statelessness could be possible in a place full of dual-nationals.

What do all of these countries have in common? They were all a part of the "Dominicans are racist" campaign which surged after the Dominican government clarified in 2013 that it would not dispense residence permits to the children of undocumented foreigners.

These countries also had the audacity to publish slander in every place possible, while calling for a boycott of the Dominican Republic, accusing Dominicans of being racist for attempting to deal with an overwhelming number of undocumented migrants.

Caricom was busy calling Dominican immigration laws "ethnic cleansing" and using the race card on the masses in social media -- who love to reach for the moon -- because for these other nations, the solution to the Haitian problem is to simply throw it upon the Dominicans.
"How long before we have a million Haitians in Chile?"

And if the Dominican government stands up for itself, they're called racist in every global forum and media platform available. However, Dominicans are and have been speaking out through protests, social media, and publishing their own content, working to counteract the non-stop attacks on their people.

Highlighting Dominican racial tones is the go-to attack method for the anti-Dominican crowd. It's truly the only way they can even engage us with their ludicrous claims.

Recently, 50,000 signatures were delivered by Amnesty International in the Dominican Republic, begging the DR to recognize undocumented foreigners. This kind of lunacy is what you will see from open border proponents, who would rather invade and destabilize without firing a single shot.

On the heels of this latest subversive attempt to pressure Dominicans comes the bombshell that the global face of "statelessness" in the DR, Juliana Deguis Pierre, was used by the anti-Dominican media and discarded.

Ms. Pierre claimed that NGOs who were a part of the campaign against Constitutional Tribunal decision 168-13, which clarified that she was not entitled to Dominican citizenship due to her parents having been in-transit in the country when she was born, profited from her.

Once the predatory, anti-Dominican NGOs used her up, Ms. Pierre says they wouldn't even help her with the leaks on the roof in her shack and were more interested in using her image and likeness in their statelessness campaign.

After the devastating 2010 earthquake leveled Port-Au-Prince, the Dominican Republic went above and beyond in helping its neighbor, but shortly thereafter an invasion began; it started with fake documents which enabled many of today's anti-Dominican activists to travel abroad and attack the DR in global forums. 

The Dominican Electoral Commission made it clear to the Organization of American States that a large number of Haitian nationals who entered the Dominican Republic after the 2010 earthquake were being paraded as individuals born on Dominican soil, something which serves as the perfect cover for all of the bullshit with which we are currently dealing. 

Economic migrants are merely being used as pawns in this situation by NGOs, but the fact that needy migrants are making their way to the DR doesn't justify the lies and attempts to destabilize the lives of poor Dominicans. 

And now, the same nations that attacked us are slamming doors in the faces of struggling Haitians. Yet Dominicans are the bad guys, right? 

On the 23rd of this month, George Soros and his Open Society are holding another anti-Dominican panel in Washington D.C, where they'll bash Dominican law without providing solutions. 

Mr. Soros is a rich lunatic who wishes for open borders around the world regardless of the lives that may be lost in the process. Mr. Soros believes in opening doors by force as long as it's not the one in his gated community. It is not DR's responsibility to provide documents to its neighbors due to the negligence of the Haitian government.

By: El Conde