When Your Oppressor Wears the Cloak of the Oppressed

Many corners of the world are at war. There is blood being spilled in some of those battles around the world, but by no means do they all resemble traditional conflicts. 

The Russians didn't start this fracas to reshape the world order, but the Kremlin's hybrid war in Crimea may come to epitomize the way things shall get done. 

In Crimea, soldiers without insignia, "volunteers," arrived with the world's most powerful signals jamming equipment, while backed by the full might of Russia's global propaganda machine. The people of Crimea could not communicate to the world what was happening to them; the Kremlin was largely responsible for shaping the narrative. 

By the time Russia's annexation of Crimea was complete, many people around the world were sure that the European Union and Ukraine were working in collaboration with the CIA to take away Russia's access to its Crimean naval base, that the treason was so blatant to the people of Russian descent in the region that they decided to fight in order to rejoin Moscow's sphere.

Although annexing parts of a foreign country goes against the 4th Geneva Convention, the shared Soviet history of Russia and Ukraine and the population make-up of Crimea means that there's little the international community can do to stomp down Moscow's claims. 

There's so little the international community can do to deny Russia's right to rule over Crimea that Donald Trump, the man who could soon be President of the United States, will almost certainly legitimize the Kremlin's rule over its former Soviet area of control.

In much the same way that Moscow has used its history with Ukraine to justify an annexation of Crimea, so too does it appear that the Haitian elite are plotting to re-take what is currently Dominican territory. 
Emperor Faustin I: A man who "defended" himself from oppression

Although Dominicans, owing to their lighter skin, are the ones who are today regularly portrayed as the "oppressors of black people" by the social-justice-warrior-compliant corporate media, the history of the island of Hispaniola is actually one of a numerically superior, more militarily-experienced and adept Haitian empire ruling over the Dominican people, who during their war of independence from Haiti in 1844 were merely 8,000 souls. 

At a time when the Dominican Republic could only raise 2,000 men, the Haitian emperor, Faustin I, commanded an invasion army of more than ten times as many experienced soldiers.

Today, the Haitian elite, many descended from the very same French-speaking elite who oversaw the occupation of the Dominican Republic, are openly plotting to re-annex their neighbor. 

To the French-speaking Haitian elite, Creole and Spanish speakers on the island of Hispaniola are just the same: mongrels to be subjugated and dominated.

Aiding in this re-annexationist plot is none other than the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, who just last year was nearly declared persona non grata in the Dominican Republic after publicly claiming that there was no space for two governments on one single island. 

Indeed, those words of death to Dominican sovereignty came from the head of the same organization that just months ago apologized for authorizing the 1965 US invasion of the Dominican Republic, which overthrew the socialist government of Juan Bosch, whose Dominican Liberation Party is back in power today. 

The Dominican Republic has never invaded Haiti, nor ruled over Haiti, nor are there Dominican citizens living in Haiti demanding to be recognized as Haitian citizens -- an impossibility due to the Haitian Constitution being jus sanguinis and recognizing only the right of blood -- yet Dominicans are expected to acquiesce to a passive invasion. 

Haitians are poor today, but so was Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In the same way that the KGB elite have remained in power until this day, busy plotting against the world, so do the same hereditary Haitian mulatto elite plot their domination over the entire island of Hispaniola. 

Should electoral chaos lead to civil war in Haiti in the coming weeks, the Dominican government may have to deal with millions of "refugees" attempting to cross the border, who once settled will become a fifth column that will serve as future justification for finishing what Emperor Faustin I set out to do: exterminate the Dominican people so that Haitian rule over the island can never be challenged again.