Hillary Clinton Presidency Would See Biggest Crackdown on Speech in American History

The United States has long since stopped being a free country, and a visit to any supposedly liberal college campus will demonstrate just how draconian the crackdown on speech has been. There are no dissenting opinions, no questions, no conservative thoughts allowed on these federally-funded campuses. 

Likely to launch nukes after an insult. YNW
Using the premise that even private universities receive extensive federal funding, the Obama administration has put enormous pressure on institutions of "higher-learning" across the land to behave like sub-agencies of the federal government, with students treated by administrators like employees liable to dismissal over the slightest complaint. 

Across the country, students have demanded that publications which publish what are essentially mainstream conservative ideas be stripped of funding, and editors have been forced to submit potentially controversial content to cultural organizations for pre-approval. 

E-mails leaked to Wikileaks show just what would come under a Hillary Clinton presidency in terms of the increasing erosion of the first amendment in the United States. Ms. Clinton sees young Americans as "dumb," and has essentially decided to weaponize the venom of silence. 

There is a very good chance that Hillary will steal the elections, and the first step after that will be to force anyone who speaks up to be shut down. The Department of Homeland Security has over the past few months been preparing for the eventuality that 1st and 2nd amendment "radicals" will decide to take action similar to that taken by the Bundy family during the Oregon Standoff, with their recent acquittal emboldening the movement. 

The mainstream media is now openly talking of the possibility of civil war, and the acquittal of people who occupied a federal building while garnering massive international press attention will lead to other government properties throughout the country being invaded, potentially crippling and already nearly-sequestered ruling body. The government will force Youtube to shut the feed this time around, however, and we may see the FBI shooting people like it's 1969 all over again. We have to prepare for a violent ride.