Mass Rape: The New European Reality as Police Are Afraid of Investigating Arab Suspects

The situation is so dire in Europe that an Arab individual can break into the home of a US citizen, steal a US passport to demand money in exchange for it, and the person who is indicted is the US citizen leaseholder for having the audacity to file a police report. In fact, you can fully expect the police in Europe today to use the police report you file as evidence against you -- a police report which at first they will refuse to let you file -- while the Arab guy continues to break into homes and maybe rape. 

The natural course of things.
The police in Europe long ago decided that breaking and entering and theft of US government property are lesser offenses than maybe accessorizing the cultivation of cannabis. You may discover that there is no tolerance for crimes of poverty by a non-Arab, but a crime of greed by an Arab is overlooked as "the natural course of things."

You may even discover that the detective in charge of the case will ask the US citizen if the citizen of the terror state who came into unlawful possession of US government property "doesn't just want his money."

You may even discover that the policewoman in charge of the case will falsify a statement against the US citizen, to make sure that the Arab is protected. 

And, more shockingly, you may even learn that the prosecutor will tell the court, in her closing statement, that the citizen of the terror state "just wanted his money."

At the end of the day, it's maybe not even the Arab guy who's responsible for breaking and entering and stealing US passports, it's the system that enables him and which uses him as an agent which is at fault.

The police in Europe are not afraid of investigating Christian suspects, but they're terrified of going after atheist, heavy-smoking Arabs/Kurds. And maybe this is merely a glimpse of how the system works, but if a man can feel so confident in knowing that the police will not go after him for committing crimes against a Christian, what does that say for European women without an international voice?

If crimes against a Yale graduate can be covered up, they will certainly be covered up in your case.

In my very own case, a cousin was groped by a foreigner. Nothing was done, and she was made to feel the victim. Naturally, European law means that heavy censorship hides the truth and the perpetrators can continue attacking without hassle.

By: Michael E├Čne