Only White Kid in Dutch School Brutally Bullied and Driven Out

13-year-old Mees couldn't take it anymore. His classmates consistently called him "cheesehead," "cuntdutchie," and fully excluded him during recess. Eventually Mees knew he had to go, that he was no longer welcome in some parts of his own country.

Mees told RTL News that he's happy to start at his new school next week, where he won't be the only white student, and where he hopes he won't be bullied anymore. 

Mees further told RTL that most of his classmates didn't even speak Dutch, preferring instead to exclusively communicate in Moroccan or Turkish.

According to Mees' father, Peter van der Lichte, the school was brand new and appeared to be the best option for Mees, but that none of the administrators informed him that his son would be the only white child studying there.

White Dutch speakers not welcome. © Abreu Report
Peter was the type of father who didn't research race statistics before deciding which school to send his kid to, and his son may now be traumatized until he settles in at his new school. 

What happened to Mees, however, is not something that uniquely takes place in Amsterdam North; more schools in the Netherlands are increasingly off-limits to white students.

The Netherlands was once known for tolerance, but it is increasingly coming to be known for its no-go zones, segregated schools, and rapidly-changing demographics that will render the country unrecognizable in a generation or two. In fact, some parts already resemble the South Bronx, and unemployed youths of sub-Saharan ancestry can be seen playing basketball on the streets during working hours, an urban experience which is often enhanced with people being shot to death at night, as happened several times last week in the once-restive capital city of less than one million inhabitants.