Dominican Authorities Unable to Bring Indictments in Child Trafficking and Organ Harvesting Conspiracy Even as Witness Repents from Jail

Buried girl's body for 3600 dollars. SIN
Powerful forces are moving in the shadows, and they're buying off prosecutors, killing nosy cops; essentially taking any means necessary to shut down burdensome investigations. Even with the evidence and bodies piling up, the news is completely censored.

One week shy of three months ago, Abreu Report published an article -- Gruesome Discovery Sheds Light on Organ Harvesting Conspiracy -- reporting on Carla Massiel, a 10-year-old Dominican girl that was harvested for her organs and subjected to unimaginable horrors before her death.

Was lured to her death with promise of pizza?
According to the man currently in detention for the kidnapping of the young girl, a powerful group of doctors connected to the globalist elite acquired his services, with police subsequently raiding three hospitals in the Dominican capital as more bodies were discovered. During those raids, police took ownership of surgical equipment in order to determine if it may have been used in illegal organ transplants. 

The organ transplant society of the Caribbean nation, famous for being next to Haiti and for its golf resorts which are regularly frequented by Bill Clinton and other members of the democratic elite, went out of their way to allege that it wasn't possible for children to be kidnapped for their organs due to the complexity of the transplants and the number of people that would have to be involved. In essence, the top transplant experts in the Dominican Republic say that the conspiracy couldn't have taken place because too many people couldn't keep it quiet, exactly as has happened. 

Dawin Trinidad Infante, the imprisoned man blowing the large conspiracy apart, seems to be talking to the wind when he says that for such an illegal operation, only three people need to be involved. As for the hospital owner on whose property the young girl's body was found, no questions can be asked of him since revelations of what was done on his land only came to light after his death.