Elite May Force Trump to Carry Out Mass Military Arrests

Our nation is at war and the man whom the people have, by an electoral college landslide, chosen to lead that effort carries, as Henry Kissinger says, "no baggage." The Dark Prince of Politics himself said, more or less, that President-elect Trump is dangerous because he can't be easily reined in by conniving globalists. 

National Guard to take command of local police? FLI
Pat Buchanan has written that the next four years are going to be difficult and that President Trump will be attacked in more ways than can be imagined: the elite will try their hardest to give Mr. Trump some baggage. 

No one can say exactly how the globalist puppet masters will try and rein in Mr. Trump, but Ron Paul and other prominent political experts believe that a massive false flag attack will be used to usher in a new America, producing superbureaucratization with a mega-purpose that will make the Department of Homeland Security and the War on Terror look like child's play.

In 2006, Congress gave President George W. Bush the power to declare martial law without the consent of governors, essentially massacring the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. In 2012, Congress gave President Barack Obama the power to indefinitely detain US citizens without charges. This year's National Defense Authorization Act may be even more draconian than previous ones and will brutally rip what little is left of the American fa├žade of liberal democracy.

No one can say exactly what powers the NDAA 2017 will pass on to President Trump, but the scenario is already being manufactured to force him to unleash those powers on an unsuspecting American populace. The globalist have all but set in motion the necessary elements to plunge the Republic into a constitutional crisis, with absolutely no concern for the large number of good Americans who face the prospect of being brutally killed.