Elite Will Try to Plant Something on Trump

The mainstream media has recently gone into overdrive, accusing "fake news" websites of being responsible for Hillary Clinton's obliteration in the Electoral College. One website that has been prominently mentioned in this new ruckus as primarily responsible for the rise of Donald Trump is Infowars, for which I contributed back in 2008, when I was a college student at Yale and head of Ivy Leaguers for an Independent Investigation, the first group of America's elite students calling for a new look into the attacks of 9/11.

I made Alex Jones a figure known to America's ivy leaguers, and history may argue that President Trump today would not exist without me. 

Straightened up with no regard for momentum. T&S
Were we reporting news back in 2008? We were just college students asking questions and pointing out inconsistencies in the official narrative espoused by the George W. Bush administration. 

When your friend studying mechanical engineering tells you that the Twin Towers violated the Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum during their collapse, it should make you ask questions.

Were questions allowed? Not unless you want to be marginalized and given the evil eye by the heavily-built guy not listed on the Yale directory. 

I got the message after the heavily-built "student" paid me a "visit" at the end of my junior year, and by senior year I wouldn't dare ask another question. I became a non-questioning, happiness-feigning sheep again.

It wasn't until January of 2013 that I would begin asking questions again, and within 4 days I was already on the street: evidence was literally planted in my Amsterdam apartment and for two years I was suspected of being a ganja farmer, eventually facing trial in 2015. 

You wanna talk about fake news!? Let's talk about fake evidence, paid witnesses, false contracts, and fabricated statements; all of which were used against me in vain, as I was still acquitted on all counts. 

It wasn't fake news that got Donald Trump elected, it was an awakened public who is no longer afraid of exposing the lies of the elite. People know the system is corrupt from the top, with the globalists ruthlessly destroying the life of anyone who opposes them.

The corporate media can accuse me of being a fake news writer, but the facts are facts: I can prove how you lied to the court in order to take my website down and discredit me! 

I quit drinking 4 months ago because I know the globalists could probably try to take me out and say I slipped while drunk. I know they're going try and plant something on President Trump so they can kick him out of the White House. 

They'll try but they'll fail because the people now know that we're in the middle of a propaganda war and that the enemy will fabricate anything, that the enemy is well-funded, well-connected, and well-ruthless.

The mainstream media has recently resorted to calling for the silencing of anyone who espouses ideas they see as contrarian to globalist objectives; it won't be long before they openly call for the killing of non-establishment writers.