President Obama Accused of Cover-up in Drug Trafficking Conspiracy Implicating Former King of Spain

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Spain's former Royal Head, King Juan Carlos, made history for breaking with Spanish tradition and abdicating the throne. Although the former king was facing domestic resentment after suffering expensive injuries during an elephant hunting trip in Africa, sources can reveal that it was primarily US pressure that "encouraged" him to hand power to his son, the Prince of Asturias. 

In recent years, Spain has grown increasingly important as a destination for cocaine exported by Mexican cartels, opening the way for large-scale corruption within the ranks of Spain's Royal Guard.

Although most of the cocaine arriving in Spain lands "untaxed" as it passes through ports in African hubs, the "taxed" goods are flown directly into Europe via chartered flights. Over the past few months the French government has been embroiled in a massive cover-up, with the country's intelligence agency burning files implicating Members of Parliament in the "Air Cocaine" scandal, as those files led directly to the royal houses of Europe, with the Bourbon family in Spain serving as the primary openers of their capital city to a lucrative new trade from their former colonies.

Although Abreu Report initially reported on the fire which consumed the headquarters of DGSE as being primarily carried out to protect French parliamentarians, new details seems to indicate that there were fall men put into place who would protect the heads of the trafficking conspiracy.

In much the same way that the DGSE fire was immediately labeled a "state secret," so is US President Barack Obama reported to have ordered the process of concealing the details of conveniently destructive fires which hide the details of the pressure deployed by an American diplomatic démarche during the days before the abdication of the king.

The current American administration seemed certain that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would inherit the European operations which have given the White House leverage over the Vatican and some royal European houses, but apparently the golden goose will be hidden away from President-elect Donald Trump. 

We can expect to see more convenient fires in the coming months.