Dutch Intelligence Reveals Investigation of Geert Wilders for "Israeli Contacts" as Campaign to Build European Army Intensifies

They'll kill Wilders to build it. YNW
Firebrand Dutch politician Geert Wilders appears to be in even more trouble with the elite as plans for the construction of a European Army are put at risk by the prospect of a Dutch exit from the open borders Schengen union.

The large-circulation daily Volkskrant is reporting that the AIVD, the Netherlands' intelligence agency, investigated Mr. Wilders from 2009-2010 for his contacts inside the Israeli embassy in the Hague and for visiting IDF headquarters.

According to the Volkskrant, the AIVD would not have opened such an inquiry unless there existed serious questions into Mr. Wilders' loyalties, a revelation which comes at a politically-convenient time for the European Union elite.

The Volkskrant discovered that Mr. Wilders was under AIVD investigation after interviewing 37 people with knowledge of the politician's security and movements. 

Amazingly, the corporate press in the Netherlands has not shied away from writing that the AIVD's investigation of Mr. Wilders threatens to make them look like an extension of the Prime Minister's office, to be used as a weapon against the opposition.

There can be no doubt that the details of the investigation into Mr. Wilders have been conveniently released today, with even the typically-reticent Chinese press writing that this Sunday could be "a dark day for Europe."

The globalists have gone into overdrive with the latest accusations against the only man in the Netherlands willing to speak out against the destruction of his country, and now the corporate media, with assistance from Dutch intelligence, have sought to undermine this weekend's elections in Austria, where a far right party in tune with Mr. Wilders is predicted to win.

The release of this damning information confirms what many Euro   skeptics suspected all along: the open borders elite are ramping up plans to create a European Union Army as the prospect of large-scale chaos across the Eurozone becomes a reality. 

The EU is on its deathbed, and the bureaucrats in Brussels have now decided to shoot any doctor that prescribes a different treatment. By releasing an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory against Mr. Wilders in hopes of affecting the elections in Austria, the intelligence services of Europe have confirmed what many already suspected: they themselves feed antisemitism to create right-wing hysteria or to discredit "right-wingers" as it suits them.