Federal Emergency Management Agency Prepares to Round-up Citizens in the Wake of Large Explosion Over US City

Catalyst for mass incarceration of citizens? YNW
NASA says there's little likelihood of a large chunk of space debris striking within the next century, but it nonetheless seems to be preparing vigorously for the prospect of an intense kinetic strike from high-orbit destroying a US city. 

Over the past couple of years, the federal government has made ardent strides to compile an all-encompassing database of potential dissidents, individuals who may challenge the government in the event that a large attack warrants the declaration of a state of emergency with compulsory relocation of citizens. Although President Barack Obama mostly directed his national security staff to concentrate on "right-wing extremists," the nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican candidate for president and with it the coming prospect of a left-wing insurrection forced the government to begin compiling a different list.

The election of Donald Trump and his recent appointment of Stephen Bannon to a White House post has given conservative conspiracy theories an official seal of state. We now live in an America where people no longer trust the state, where half of the citizens believe they are living the last days of the Republic; and they will behave accordingly. 

Mr. Obama has promised a smooth transition of government, and that means preparing the Federal Emergency Management Agency for the very real likelihood of having to detain thousands of US citizens after full-blown economic collapse or a large explosion over a major city provokes an attempt to overthrow the legitimate government of President-elect Trump.

The globalist elite want to blame the fall of the Republic on Mr. Trump, and to that extent they will not hesitate to crash the global economy even if it means incinerating millions of innocent Americans in the process. 

It was Mr. Obama who happily signed the National Defense Authorization Act 2013 giving himself the power to suspend habeas corpus. Although Mr. Obama promised to veto the National Defense Authorization Act 2013 under the pretense that no president should have that power, he went and signed it nonetheless, with section 1021 giving him the power to indefinitely detain American citizens without due process and at his personal discretion.

Upon gaining that power, Mr. Obama instructed FEMA to prepare for the eventuality that he or the next democratic president would use those tyrannical powers to quell a right-wing insurrection against the first female Commander-in-Chief and her unlawful hijacking of the Supreme Court. 

History has taken a different course, however, and it is now Mr. Obama's people who may find themselves facing the inside of FEMA camps. Whether the attack that precipitates the death of the Republic comes from space or from inside the country itself, only history can say.