Your College "Safe Space" Has Made My Life More Dangerous

I'm a working-class kid from the Bronx. One would presume that someone who has seen a man stabbed outside of his home and got jumped by a gang or two would yearn for the security promised by the rise of "safe spaces," but the truth is that the very existence of such a concept has made my life more difficult. 

Where's my safe space when a motherfucking shooting breaks out in my neighborhood and the cops don't show up?

A white girl named Tiffany who regularly spends time in her college safe space recently told me to just hug a fluffy pillow when I'm feeling nervous, but when I'm anxious I just wanna hug a motherfucking sandbag on the floor so a bullet don't take my head off clean.  

Tiffany stopped talking to me recently because of my open support for Donald Trump. She told me that she couldn't be friends with a man who would passively condone the actions of someone like Mr. Trump, who uses triggering language on a persistent and callous basis. Tiffany told me that I was the only person she knew who supported Mr. Trump, but I know that's not true; I'm just the only person stupid enough to risk her wrath by confessing my political inclinations. The truth is that I'm actually her only working-class brown acquaintance. 

Yes, a lot of minorities in the Bronx voted for Mr. Trump, especially those who are aware of the crimes the Clinton Foundation committed in Haiti. But those minorities wouldn't talk about a president they think can make their neighborhood a safer place from immigrant-involved shootings, especially not around a person like Tiffany who already enjoys safety in the privilege of her 50,000-dollar-a-year college resort.

I won't lie, freshman year I got used to the safety that some colleges promise their students they're entitled to in life, but then the summer came and I got a brutal wake-up call. College was making it harder for me to prosper in the 'hood, it was taking away my survival skills and making it difficult to relate to my very own family.

Tiffany is certain that Mr. Trump is bad for race relations in the United States, but she cut off her only working-class brown friend because I possibly made too much noise in her safe space. There are no second chances in her world; once you say or support something that compromises her perception of safety, she excises you like a tumor. 

I don't have the privilege of excising a cancerous neighbor if he endangers my perceived mental well-being, I just have to give him a second chance and learn to live with him. Liberals seem to have lost the power to live with other people, however. 

Illegal immigrant never pulled knife on her in the 'hood. Powerline
Tiffany is the typical college liberal today: she has never been in actual physical danger, but she is certain that "microaggressions" have her life hanging by a thread. 

America is at war against a ruthless enemy that will behead even the most innocent of citizens if given the chance, but Tiffany is more worried about the risk of mean words on the internet. 

We're in the midst of an existential conflict that will last at least another generation, and by neutering our speech, liberals are essentially weakening our creative ability to conjure up new ways to bring the necessary destruction to the actual enemy.

ISIS rose to power under President Obama, a man who has never properly threatened even a mouse in his house. Maybe members of ISIS need to hear about how we're going to grab a pair of pliers and excise their testicles, since the leaflets and warnings that Mr. Obama sends them just give them time to prepare to rip our nuts off.

Instead of removing funds from colleges that fail to provide safe spaces for their students, the Trump administration should provide funds to universities that toughen their students up and prepare them to confront the bloodthirsty terrorist proto-army that would enslave and actually rape more than 20% of American women if given the chance.

When liberals build a safe space, they put up a highway billboard that advertises: "the enemy is internal." Mr. Trump's election was a repudiation of those divisive tactics and a reminder that we need to come together and concentrate on the real threat posed by the apocalyptic, expansionist cult calling itself a caliphate.