Suicided Investigator was Digging into Clinton Family Child Trafficking Allegations in Haiti

Yet another body has been added to the long list of people suspected to have been suicided by Clinton family assets: Monica Petersen. Reddit user Rutkdn conducted extensive research into the mysterious death of Ms. Petersen, with Facebook revealing that she had asked for information into Clinton family sex trafficking in Haiti prior to her strange death.

Bill's brother from another mother. YNW
Diplomatic cables leaked to Wikileaks detail how the Clinton family turned Haiti into a virtual plantation, with the failed industrial park known as the Caracol Complex serving as the perfect example of the financial predation perpetrated by America's liberal first clan in the Western Hemisphere's poorest nation. Ms. Petersen was busy looking into the activities of Bill Clinton which facilitated the abuse of not just businesses, but countless Haitian children.

Haiti, currently a failed state unable to elect a president, will likely be incapable of performing a proper investigation into the mysterious death of Ms. Petersen. The visibility given to her untimely demise, however, will likely urge US embassy officials to apply pressure on local officials and to take independent action. 

As Abreu Report wrote shortly before the US elections this November, e-mails hacked and hosted by Wikileaks detail extensive involvement between the Clintons and Laura Silsby, a convicted child trafficker. That same series of e-mails also detail Clinton family interest in dark voodoo ceremonies, rituals which Bill Clinton has confessed to attending and where people were given hallucinogenic concoctions which turned people into drugged zombies.

Similar concoctions are used to turn children into willing voodoo sex slaves, with mystery ingredients being held as tight secrets by the priestly elite. In this dark religion which enables the drugging and raping of children, the Clintons are considered priests.