Bernie Sanders is Wrong. The European Country We Should be Looking to is the Netherlands, Not Denmark

If a foreign power were to invade the United States tomorrow, very few individuals would be physically fit enough to put up significant resistance. In 2014, the Pentagon calculated that "approximately 71% of the 34 million 17-to-24-year-olds in the U.S. would not qualify for military service because of reasons related to health, physical appearance, and educational background." 

Our country is in bad shape, and to deny that we needed a man like Donald Trump to re-awaken a fervent nationalist energy within us is delusional, especially as it becomes apparent that we will be targeted by terrorists for a generation to come. If a mass mobilization of citizens were necessary tomorrow, the Danes and the Americans would both be unable to rally the masses and take back the country. 

The Dutch, however, are not only physically fit thanks to extensive biking, but they have developed the political mentality that America needs to survive in the 21st century. 

Despite being smaller than some Caribbean islands and having millions more people, the Netherlands has been host to nearly 1 million Muslims, with demographic predictions forcing the country to pass laws which protect the native population from shock change.

The Department of Homeland Security should look to the Netherlands when it comes to developing the radical Muslim registry which has become all but necessary as the Islamic State proves its battlefield resilience. Everyone who enters the United States should register an address with DHS, and we should, within 3 days of a person's visa having expired, send agents to that address to apprehend and deport any undocumented individual in that house, with the person who hosted the illegal being fined. 

Sounded the alarm before the deluge. HH
DHS VIPR teams should regularly set-up checkpoints outside of supermarkets in the neighborhoods of sanctuary cities which have the highest numbers of illegal aliens, with all individuals of foreign appearance being asked if they are US citizens. Those who answer that they are not citizens should be forced to provide ID, with failure to prove one's legal status resulting in immediate deportation. An illegal immigrant in the United States without a place to stay is only looking for trouble; it took only two decades to learn that with Moroccans in the Netherlands. 

A wall isn't enough. Illegals fly in through our airports and overstay their visas with no system to track them. Unless we track and deport immigrants with the same precision and efficiency as the Dutch, we'll end up like the Greeks.