If You Didn't Know Bill Clinton Was Virtual Dictator of Haiti, You Were Watching Fake News

Voodoo dictator blesses subjects. IJP
The cuckstablishment media has declared full-blown war on independent news outlets, ruthlessly labeling as "fake news" peddlers anyone who challenges their false narratives.

We don't always get everything right in the independent media, but lately we seem to be more accurate than teams of "experts" funded by globalists. There are no ads on this website, and very few independent media outlets provide a living to the people who poured their heart and soul into taking back America from globalist corruption. If we made an editorial mistake or re-shared a lie it was because we believed it, while the globalist media did it for profit and power.

While we devoted time and energy into breaking secrets, the globalist media spent that valuable time and energy deriding our work as inconsequential at best, insane at worst.

The globalist media would rather pretend that Bill Clinton wasn't given near-dictatorial powers over Haiti in the wake of the 2010 earthquake which shook the country back to the Stone Age. Instead we were fed the false narrative that the Clintons performed rock-solid work in distributing aid to the neediest people in the Western Hemisphere.

Even before the earthquake cracked the bedrock of Haitian society, the most desperate people there were subsisting on dirt cookies... yet their white globalist dictator robbed them while the "non-fake" media turned a blind eye.

Despite being responsible for overthrowing a stable Haitian government over a voodoo feud, the MSM neglected to mention that Bill Clinton was essentially pillaging the same country he had plundered, while attending religious ceremonies and practicing dark arts

As Univision fires hundreds and other globalist, open-border attack mouthpieces crumble, a leftist professor decides that it was "fake news" and not corporate collusion and failure to tell major stories that led to the fall of the traditional media. Our audience has tripled every year, while theirs continues dwindling precisely because we cover the big stories even if it means getting attacked on every front. But it doesn't matter how many fronts you attack the truth from, eventually it always wins.