Obama May Start War with Russia Before Trump is Sworn into Office to Crash Global Economy

When candidate Barack Obama was campaigning for the presidency of the United States, many thought his ascendance would usher in a Pax Americana, plainly ignoring the promises he was making to continue the war in Afghanistan, a conflict which president-elect Donald Trump will inherit and which has no end in sight. Mr. Obama, despite being the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize, sought no permission from Congress when bombing the capital city of a foreign country, overthrowing Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and calling it "anti-terrorism."

WWIII: Will Obama force Trump's hand? YNW
In the world which Mr. Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton inhabited, overthrowing a stable government and leaving behind a failed state fertile for occupation by Islamic extremists was "anti-terrorism," as was funneling missiles to supposedly-moderate rebels in Syria, missiles used to melt the heavy armor of a secular, stable government whose break-up has precipitated the rise of the most brutal terrorist army the world has ever seen.

Despite being hailed as the peace candidate, Mr. Obama will hand Mr. Trump a secretive targeted-assassination program spanning at least 7 countries and responsible for striking low-level operatives with no capacity to attack the United States. Despite being hailed as the peace candidate, Mr. Obama will hand Mr. Trump control of a controversial CIA program which is arming America's future enemies. 

Despite delivering peace rhetoric, Mr. Obama has done nothing but perpetuate war, and the next couple of months are shaping out to be the most dangerous since the Cuban Missile Crisis, with the President's closest advisors telling him to do everything in his power to prevent Mr. Trump from ending the current, senseless stalemate with the Kremlin.

The American people may have voted to hand the seat of power to Mr. Trump, but Mr. Obama will now work to make sure that he's handed a crippled seat. 

Only a very serious attack can derail Mr. Trump's overtures of peace to the Kremlin, and given the complexity of the airspace above Syria, and the arrival in the area of the Admiral Kuznetsov, Russia's only aircraft carrier, all it takes is one errant CIA-provided missile to turn a messy situation messier. 

Considering the extent of the crimes committed by Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton, they may calculate that starting World War III is the best way to prevent their own demise. Millions may die just so a few people don't go to prison; we're nothing but disposable pawns to the globalist war masters, anyway.