Trump Victory Will Spur Construction of Wall on Dominican-Haitian Border

Dominican netizens were correct in accusing vice-President Margarita Cedeño of making a mistake in calling for Dominicans in the United States to vote for Hillary Clinton, as it has now set a bad tone to the start of relations with the Donald Trump presidential administration. It should now be apparent to Ms. Cedeño, to President Danilo Medina, and to other members of the Dominican ruling elite, that their open-border pet -- the Binational Quisqueya Project -- has succumbed to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and that George Soros vis a vis the Clinton Foundation will no longer provide the dictator Haiti needs to facilitate the erasure of the border and subsequently of the Dominican people as a distinct national group.
The people want a wall.
Ms. Cedeño, in endorsing Ms. Clinton, sought perhaps to prevent the full wrath of a would-be Clinton administration due to Dominican electoral officials in recent years refusing to adhere to demands by the US Embassy in Santo Domingo to grant citizenship to the children of undocumented immigrants. There should be no more fear of Washington putting pressure on the Dominican Republic to grant citizenship to people entitled to a foreign nationality, and there should be no more fear that Washington's liberal elite will work to prevent the construction of a wall between the DR and Haiti, since they'll be busy working against Mr. Trump. 

Mr. Trump's victory has just sent a shockwave around the world, and many immigrants now know that the window of opportunity is closing, that irregular immigration is coming to an end in the Americas. 

There will be a massive wave of migrants without even the ability to write their names on a piece of paper making their way to the United States from Haiti and other failed African states, with the possibility that dozens of thousands will end up stranded in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. 

Soon to be a fortress. Ext.
If Mr. Medina doesn't soon announce the construction of a wall between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, he will be in effect providing an invite to the Haitian masses, telling them that the path to North America is closed, and that greener pastures can only easily be found on the Spanish-speaking side of the island of Hispaniola, one of the most overpopulated places in the world.

Building a wall is no longer a dream of the far-right, it is now an imperative necessity given that the Dominican Republic may end up being the only country in Latin America without a barrier to stop the importation of mass poverty.