Europeans Go to Sleep Expecting America to Wake Up In Flames

The will of the people dies with him. YNW
As expected, reports are now gushing in of Trump supporters being prevented from voting for their candidate, with voting machines forcing votes to change to Hillary Clinton, the anointed candidate of the global elite. 

People are now convinced that the election is fixed, and any spark could set off mass chaos, with even the Pentagon's favorite mouthpieces predicting civil war and pleading for calm. 

As e-mails leaked to Wikileaks have revealed, the Democratic party fixed the race from the beginning, and the political supervillain George Soros has invested heavily in America's voting machines, which are conveniently failing in his favor across the country. 

Cesar, a commenter on the alternative news site Infowars, wrote regarding the rigged voting machines: "This proves the election is rigged!!! If corrupt, sick, evil Hillary who defends child rapist Clinton wins because of this, we are prepared to go to war against this pedo, warmonger, gangsters, corruption, democrats!!! No more!!"

The American people are clearly angry, and as night falls in Europe, some go to sleep wondering whether the America they know will still be the same tomorrow, or if it will be engulfed in the flames of mass unrest.