Zombification, Cannibalism: Inside Clinton Family Power Rituals

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Harvard Anthropologist Wade Davis once claimed to have discovered the ingredients for a powder capable of turning a person into a zombie, an animal-like creature that could be worked like a mule. According to Mr. Davis, the powder contains tetrodotoxin, a neurotoxin found in pufferfish, and a hallucinogenic plant which, combined with the power of voodoo, could create creatures from the "netherworld."

In his groundbreaking work The Serpent and the Rainbow, Mr. Davis details how secret societies in Haiti control hidden powers of the mind handed down through the generations, allowing them to hypnotize and rule over the masses. The anthropological work inspired a film by Wes Craven depicting some of the occult powers which the Clintons believe have helped them rise in America.

Bill and Hillary Clinton, having been adopted by one of these secret societies, are privy to mind-control chemicals which have allowed them to seduce America. Reports detail that the Clintons have used these powers to destroy opponents, keeping closely-guarded the rituals which have allowed them to become one of America's most powerful families.

To prove themselves, members of these secret cults consume the flesh of other humans, a key ingredient in some of the mind-control chemicals used to induce zombification, as it is believed that human flesh can transfer supernatural power from one person to the other. 

Hillary Clinton is often seen with a mystery man by her side who is believed by some to be a doctor, but who may simply be her voodoo priest, the person responsible for keeping her hooked on the illusion of power. 

At this stage in the Clinton family's involvement with the occult, it may not be possible to tell whether they are even in control of their actions and not under the full influence of a voodoo secret society.