Netherlands Should Deport Every Single Moroccan on Benefits

Geert Wilders, the fiery Dutch nationalist working endlessly to keep his country from going over the brink and turning into an Islamic state, has recently released a new action plan to deal with the problem of unassimilated immigrants in the Netherlands.

Mr. Wilders, who in the past decried the alarming statistics showing how today there are more people going to Mosques in Europe than there are attending Christian churches, has proposed the closing of all Islamic religious institutions and banning the Koran in order to "take his country back."

Although the prospect of banning the Koran is unlikely given the difficulty of restricting the distribution of a book freely available on the internet, there is a very real likelihood that Mr. Wilders could succeed in closing down every Mosque in the Netherlands. 

Nonetheless, closing down institutions of radical preaching will not save Christian civilization since the primary reason why many immigrants relocate to the Netherlands is because of benefits, which generously allow many Moroccans to provide lives of luxury for their relatives back home. 

Facing the criminal hordes. DF
Mr. Wilders is more likely to have success if he were to deport immigrants who have taken benefits for a certain period of time and still cannot acquire a job. It is disrespectful for a dual-citizen to live in a state he cannot afford when he could simply move back to his other country of citizenship. 

Considering that 20% of Moroccan men in the Netherlands has been arrested multiple times, the Dutch police have simply given up and a veritable army of 30,000 North Africans currently enjoy a virtual monopoly on crime in the Low Countries.

30,000 men is more than enough to destabilize a small country, and if Mr. Wilders should fail in his crusade, the Netherlands could cease to exist as a country.