Wikileaks Exposes Clinton Obsession with Voodoo, the Occult

Of all the places for a supposedly Christian couple to honeymoon and vacation, the Clintons picked Haiti, a land known for the historical pact it made with the forces of voodoo. As the Washington Post wrote in 2015, the Clintons traveled to Haiti in 1975, probably on Citibank's dime, to partake in a voodoo ritual with David Edwards, the very same man future-President Bill Clinton would spend a four hour dinner alone with just before "the suicide" of Vince Foster.

Former President Clinton himself wrote that he has been participant to ceremonies where "spirits arrived,  seized a woman and a man;" and he also wrote that in one of these dark rituals "a woman, in a frenzy, screamed repeatedly, then grabbed a live chicken and bit its head off." 

Sacrificed a chicken to prevent an impeachment. ANMWE
There is no doubt that the Clintons saw in 1975 strong occult forces which they could use to help them rise to power and become one of the most important political dynasties in the world, as has happened. The Washington Post itself wrote that one lesson Mr. Clinton took from Haiti was that "the Lord works in mysterious ways," and that his trip to the tropical Caribbean island-nation inspired his first successful run for political office.

Reports are that the Clintons attended voodoo ceremonies each time they felt their status or position was imperiled. As WND hinted in 1998, part of the reason for Mr. Clinton's overthrow of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was due to the "powerful grip" the Haitian priest held "on Clinton’s psyche through the power of voodoo." 

Newly leaked e-mails by Wikileaks seem to indicate that to the Clintons, their trips to Haiti were more than just vacations for profit, that the woman who may be the next leader of the free world is not a Christian and instead believes in casting spells and sacrificing animals and possibly children. 

While the American people head to the polls in the belief that their leaders uphold democracy and republican principles, we may instead learn that we could be putting into power a person who adheres to sorcery and the dark arts.