CIA Insider: ISIS May Ship Over "Dirty Bomb" Inside of Random Computer Case, Detonate It Remotely

A recent uptick in the purchase of smoke detectors in Turkey has intelligence agents in the United States fearing for their lives, since hard drives captured from the Islamic State detail plans to ship dirty bombs into the United States at random in order to cause mass panic and cripple the import industry. The smoke detectors were ordered over the past two years in what appeared to be routine orders for fire extinguishing equipment, but an ISIS front company is suspected of diverting the Cesium-137 inside of the detectors toward Raqqa, deep inside enemy territory.  

The Islamic State has occupied hospitals with advanced nuclear equipment, and an elite bombmaker for the renegade terrorist army is more than capable of constructing a device that can be detonated over the internet from inside of ISIS territory. 

Radioactive bomb in your house. © Abreu Report
Although intelligence experts in recent years calculated that ISIS was ready to set-off a dirty bomb somewhere in Europe, it now appears that the group's diabolical strategy is to amass nuclear material and begin unleashing it periodically as the capital of Raqqa begins to fall, with the objective of distracting from the group's loss of territory and return to an amorphous nature.

Intelligence experts are particularly worried about someone sending over a computer through private shipping, since the likelihood that hardware on a cargo plane being delivered to a private address out in the cornfields could be scanned for radiation is rather low.

ISIS operatives are likely to send these packages via a safe country, possibly even East Asia,  in order to minimize the odds of interception by the Department of Homeland Security and to maximize the chances of an escalation between China and the soon-to-be government of Donald Trump.

Although ISIS could ship computer cases to large buildings in big cities, leaders of the proto-state calculate that random attacks against people in small towns across Middle America will cause more chaos since everyone will feel that they can be a target. 

Make no mistake about it, the enemy is bringing the battle to the Homeland, and anyone could be the target of an attack that may cost billions to clean up.