Weaponized Cholera Outbreak: Rudy Giuliani Was Set-up for Investigating Clinton Foundation

Before making his triumphant return to mainland politics as spokesman for the man who is now president-elect of the United States, Rudy Giuliani proved his creative genius in the Dominican Republic by helping create the newest, largest opposition party on the island. The Modern Revolutionary Party is headed by Luis Abinader, a Dominican of Arab descent who is awoken in opposition to the open border agenda tacitly supported by current President Danilo Medina, a man suspected of orchestrating a coup d'etat against the top Constitutional Tribunal on the island. 

Abinader whispers about Clinton Foundation. Hoy
Since Haiti and the Dominican Republic are on the same island -- roughly the size of Belgium and the Netherlands and with similar overpopulation difficulties -- the Constitutional Tribunal of the DR has implemented laws similar to those in the Low Countries, where the International Criminal Court is located. 

Dual citizens in the Low Countries can be given a three month exit order if the state suspects they are not financially solvent enough and have no health insurance, something which has become ever more necessary as the war against ISIS intensifies and European countries find themselves facing an existential threat.
Haitian victims put West at risk.

Rudy Giuliani didn't just find himself working as security consultant, however, he was also working in his capacity as one of America's most renowned prosecutors, digging into crimes committed by the Clinton Foundation in Haiti which led to him suffering vicious retaliation at the hands of the corporate-controlled Dominican media.

Mr. Giuliani was ruthlessly blamed for orchestrating a cholera attack on Haiti's president, but new evidence seems to indicate that it was a false flag operation organized by the Clinton Foundation to put pressure on the impoverished nation's interim leader to allow for the continuation of a United Nations military occupation, which has allowed Bill Clinton to rule via "charity."

As new evidence surfaces tying Mr. Clinton to a voodoo cult that sought to overthrow the government of Bertrand Aristide over a religious feud, it becomes increasingly apparent that Mr. Giuliani being blamed for orchestrating a cholera attack on Haiti's interim president was a typical Clinton tactic of blaming the American right for attacks it fakes itself to consolidate power. 

Given revelations on Wikileaks about the diabolical level of control exerted by the Clintons in Haiti and the nature of what they have conspired to weave, it now becomes apparent that Mr. Giuliani was Bill Clinton's patsy.