Globalists Planning Mass Chaos for 2017 as Culture War Ramps Up

Afro-supremacist insurgents openly plot sedition. YNW
The United States is entering its most dangerous period since 1860, with solid movements seeking to fragment the Republic and plunge the country into another civil war. Mainstream figures are now openly calling for a coup d'etat against the lawfully-elected government of President Donald Trump, and the Secret Service is overloaded with work. 

The Department of Homeland Security has classified conservatives as radicals while allowing Afro-supremacist gangs to proliferate in America's inner cities to the extent that a single directive from George Soros could unleash panic and riots the likes of which the Republic has not seen since the British set fire to Washington DC during the War of 1812.

Although President Barack Obama, in signing the National Defense Authorization Act 2017, identified non-state actors spreading "fake news" as a threat to national security, next year may show us that a foreign-born billionaire funding radical race groups, during a time of war against an enemy that relies on infiltration and division, actually represents a more serious threat to the stability of the nation, one that warrant its own law from Congress.

Sadly, Mr. Soros has too many members of Congress in his pockets and the likelihood of a law being passed that will curtail his recruitment of a seditious race army is rather slim. The elite decided they would force President Trump to deploy the military domestically the minute they realized he'd upset their plans and beaten the anointed candidate, Hillary Clinton.

The globalists have decided to sacrifice the lives of as many Americans as they can bleed, and now it's up to President Donald Trump to fight not just against a brutal enemy that seeks to spread an apocalyptic religion by the sword, but also a relentless domestic enemy that seeks to open the border by the riot.

We are a generation of Americans forged by war and terror, and this may be the most peaceful New Year's some of us will remember for quite some time. 2017 could shape out to be the most turbulent year yet of the war that will define or break America in the same way that the Barbarian Invasions led to the fall of Rome. We elected a man who knows the rapture is coming, and there is still yet a chance that he can keep the hordes from taking down the government.