President Trump Should Carpet-bomb Islamic State Territory, Herding Fighters Toward Raqqa Before Leveling City with Nuke

ISIS expects apocalyptic measures. YNW
Brutality is as addictive as a virus, and the Islamic State understands the finer points of viral nightmares. ISIS videos serve not so much as to make the group look maniacally powerful, but particularly to horrify and implant nightmares in viewers, creating an addiction to violence that can only be fed by blood, adrenaline, and Jihad. 

Although there is large concern in the West about disgruntled Muslims being inspired to migrate to ISIS territory and acquiring bomb-making and other terror skills that they could bring back home, the long term threat posed by terrorist dual citizens pales in comparison to that presented by children being raised as "Cubs of the Caliphate."

ISIS "Cubs" are regularly subjected to mental barrages of death and horror, and are made to partake in brutal executions. The minds of the children living in ISIS territory has been warped beyond an irreparable level, and it will not be possible without another generation of war to begin to repair the psychological damage. An intergenerational conflict involving a growing religious cult has to be quickly ended, otherwise the psychological virus will become nearly impossible to eradicate and the Islamic State may even recognized officially as a country. Any potential carrier of the virus simply has to be eliminated, and that is consistent with the laws of war. 

ISIS ideology teaches them that an army of 80 nations will face off against them near Dabiq in what they envision as a battle using conventional rules of war. However, there can be no conventional battle tactics used against the Islamic State, they simply have to be made to understand that they are being systemically eliminated and that any territory which Muslims allow them to hold will be irradiated and made temporarily unlivable.

The only way to defeat a suicidal, apocalyptic cult is by letting them know that the apocalypse has passed. Although short-term casualties from herding ISIS fighters with a carpet bombing campaign and subsequently nuking Raqqa could reach 3 million, this represents a much more acceptable number of dead than would result from allowing the War on Terror to continue for another generation. 

This century has scarcely known peace, and the American people have finally elected a man who can bring about a new Pax Americana; all it takes is some B-52s and a nuke.